Why you don't have to spend your whole paycheck at Lululemon

Catchy title right.

Let me start by saying this, I'm not a Lulu Lemon hater, in fact I'm quite the opposite. I love the way that shit makes your butt cheeks look like they did when you were 18. Or the fact that their sports bras are so beautiful that I would love to wear just that out in public and thats it. From their yoga mats, to the headbands to the underwear, that shit's on point.

work out clothes

Before you start saying 'But I work out everyday, it's worth it to me.' or 'You need to invest in nice things, they will last longer.' or 'but for real, I wear leggings EVERY day' I've said those same things too and while I do wear leggings 95% of the time I just can't do it. I can't get myself to spend all that money there.

Mind you I lust over these $100-make-your-ass-look-amazing-your-tummy-look-sucked-in-and-flat leggings but I just can't do it! Now if they are on sale, I'm all ears, but for full price, hell to the no.

I also can't fathom spending $100 on a pair of leggings I would wear everyday because what would I wear if I was washing them, wear jeans, NEVER!

best work out gear

{weights} {hat & weight gloves-similar here-found mine at Marshalls} {running fanny pack}

I'm sure I have you wide eyed over the website now but bring it back in people and feast your eyes on the alternatives. These are the things I have found that still hold the girls up and I still look cute because that's the main reason of buying workout clothes right? All kidding aside I find myself working out better, harder, when I feel good in what I'm wearing. This goes for all aspects in life, if your comfortable you work better, if your hair is looking good you smile bigger, the same goes for workout clothes for me. But feeling good doesn't have to cost $200 to go sweat at the gym in fact it can cost a whole lot less!

best cheap workout gear

These shorts are the basic of the basic, there's no way you will find me spending $50 on a pair of spandex shorts, in fact, I'd say you're out of your damn mind if you do. These gray ones are from Old Navy and come in tons of colors and do the same purpose, cover my ass while I run or lift weights. So for $16 a pair you can get a few for the price of one at Lulu's. Side note, I think my back thigh muscles are growing, ya? #goals

lululemon workout gear

Next up are pattern leggings, they that are all the rage don't you know. Everyone is trying to look "different" when they drop some serious dough on those bright color, patterned, holographic leggings but my issue with that is you can't wear them as much as you can plain black ones! Everyone will know when you wear your florescent green pants two days in a row, not with black leggings though! These ones from Lulu's are pretty similar to my Head brand ones I found at Marshalls.

best black workout pants

Speaking of black leggings, here are the same ones in black like the pattern ones above, also from Marshalls. Lulu's starts theirs at $88 while mine were $15.99, lemme know when you see a difference, I've even compared material and they are 99% the same!

best workout bra

Between Lulu and Victoria Secrets I could easily spend $50+ on one sports bra to keep the girls rained in but I found the one on the left here at Walmart the other day. It lifts and keeps the girls nice and tight when I'm running or doing HIIT workouts on the treadmill.

best workout tank top

Another recent find at Walmart was this tank! It has a bungee on the bottom so you can tighten it up. You may think so what Chelsea?, but for me when I'm doing burpee's, jumping jacks, or even just plain running sometimes I don't need the girl next to me that hasn't gained 70 lbs and pushed two kids out of her cooka to stare at my stomach that I'm working extra hard on that day while my shirt flaps up with every move that I make. SO, what that long run on sentence really is saying is you can bungee your shirt in and can go balls to wall hard without the fear of your squishy belly exposing itself to your neighbor next to you and all for romping $9! All you mama's out there, you can thank me later for these babies, hiding the things we want unseen, unseen!

work out tank top

I'm not really found of the short sleeve workout tops, even in the winter, I feel constricted for some reason so I tend to buy lots of the dry-fit tanks. I find them at WalmartTargetOld Navy, Marshalls, the list goes on really. Lulu's sells their's starting at $42 while the other stores mentioned I've never paid more than $15 for one!

There are plenty of other items I find on Amazon too such as weightsheadbandswater bottles, glovesbagsyoga mats and shoes that are all good quality items but for a fraction of the cost you'd see at Lulu's and other stores. I'm not trying to put down Lulu's because I think their stuff is extremely cute and great quality but so many people have this warped vision that they need to look a certain way when they are working out. Some people don't even begin their fitness journey because they don't think they will "look" the part.

The whole point of going to the gym, running outside, or working out in your own home is for health and fitness and looking cute doesn't need to cost you your whole paycheck people! Hopefully this has given you a few ideas of where to find some extremely reasonable priced workout gear and keep that motivation going!

Don't forget that the next 24 Day challenge is starting soon, there's still time to join in with my next group. Once signed up you will be given meal and workout ideas, you won't be doing this alone, fear not my little fitness friends, we will be doing this together!

Stay fit and fabulous people!