Wedding Talk: Bridal Party

Jerek proposed last year on 10/10, so that's almost 8 months of engagement with not a peep of wedding party talk. A lot of brides to be ask their wedding party days after the engagement because they've planning this in their head since they were 6. I have been thinking about who I wanted to stand beside me for some time now but I was always weary about the whole thing because of the destination wedding aspect. I didn't want to ask people before they committed to Mexico because then it puts so much pressure on the girls thinking they would have to be there and that's the last thing I want.

maid of honor gifts

||After a lot of thinking I started writing and this is what I gave 6 of my very best girlfriends||

Come away, come away with me!

Open your eyes and see,

the journey to bride

is with YOU by my side!

At 28 years old I know exactly who my friends are.

They are the ones that make a daily impact on mine

and my family’s life no matter how close or far away they may be.

When Jerek proposed I knew exactly who I wanted 

or rather needed to be by my side.

You and 5 others are reading this right now that 

have made a significant impact on my life in ways you may never understand.

I’ve thought long and hard about this and a maid of honor is usually someone

very close and important to the bride to be.

Someone they call when they want to share big news with

but someone thats there through all the hard and trying times as well.

But what happens when you have more than just one of these people in your life?

You make them all your maids of honor!

As you know I don’t do things by the books,

I shy away from the norm, it’s more fun that way.

So when this thought came to mind it only seemed fitting.

Christina, you are the one that has been there from the beginning. A friendship since 9th grade is a force to be reckon with.

Amy, you are the sister I always longed to have, and the boys are so lucky to have you as their aunt, Godmother and friend.

Megan, I forgive you for moving so far away but our bond has stayed strong through it all I’m glad to have a place to visit!

Elyse, I’d be lost without you at work. You’re heart is so big for your family and friends I see it in everything you do.

Sarah & Allie, college without you two would have been long and very boring! Spending every waking moment living and going out together has made ever lasting memories! No matter the distance our lives are always intertwined. 

I know that not everyone can be in Mexico and in Michigan for the celebrations but the thing about my friendship with each of you is that the presence will be there even if you physically aren’t. Each one of you takes interest in my life the way a real friend should and there’s never a doubt in my mind that I can’t call you any time of the day. I love you all so incredibly much!

SOOO…will you be my maids of honor??

brides maid gifts

With the help of Leigh from Piper Grace Gifts, we made luggage tags to give as a small gift to each of the girls along with the letter above, ya know because it's a destination wedding and all! Leigh is offering 20% off her entire shop until I get married using code 'EWG20', that's real talk! 

brides maids gift

I realized not everyone will be able to attend the festivities in Mexico or in Michigan but I didn't want that to stop me from letting each girlfriend know how much they mean to me. While I wish everyone could be coming to Mexico life doesn't work that way. Some are getting married themselves, some are trying to start families of their own and others just can't do the price tag.

I get it.

The thing about destination weddings is that when you go all in on something like this you have to be 110% okay with the fact that you could be at the alter with just you and your partner. When we planned this, we knew that going into it. Currently we have about 25 committed to going and there are still a few others that might join in and that's great! We are thrilled with the number but we also sympathize and understand that everyone has lives and things come into play when playing this type of function. Truth be told, I don't know if we got invited to a wedding in Mexico if we could attend.