Best Sunless Tanner: Loving Tan-Wedding Talk

This past weekend we were over on the west side of the state for a little vacation and fun in the sun. While the sun was in fact mighty hot I was not laying out basking in its glory like I did in my college years. I was too busy chasing toddlers around trying to keep them lathered up with sunscreen. However, I might get the worst mom award because poor Skylor has insanely sensitive skin and I didn't apply it as often as I should with him and he got sun poisoning on his upper arms. These turned into blisters which turned into a very cranky and sad baby. This also turned me into a sad baby because I felt like a failure. Do they make anything higher than 70 SPF?


Our wedding in Mexico will be during Spring Break 2016 and I've been to Mexico on spring break and let me tell you, it's hot even in April! While I plan on keeping loads of SPF on the boys at all times I also will be rocking the sunscreen because I do NOT want tan lines nor skin blisters on my body in a wedding dress! For years I've been testing out sunless tanners, trying to get my freckled, Irish/Scottish skin to turn a sun-kiss glow that only Jessica Alba seems to have. I've had my fair share of orange palms and uneven, blotchy legs so I knew I needed to find the best of the best. I started to think that I may never have that golden skin tone and will blend right in with my wedding dress. I quit using tanning beds after having Tracen and realized how damaging it was.

If you are anything like me and are rocking your pasty bod but secretly want to not look like you don't live in a cave, feast your eyes on my new found love and THE best sunless tanning mousse you will ever buy, Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse! This sunless tanner has 13% of DHA in it, which it you aren't aware, it it the active ingredient for the tan to develop, other brands I've used only have 3-7% DHA. In other words, this makes the ultra dark tan (the one I use) the same strength as a dark professional tan you'd pay $30+ for each application! Loving tan doesn't just use DHA, it also uses Erythrulose that eliminates the orange tint that we all dread, leaving you with the golden glow you've been searching for! Whether you choose the mediumdark or ultra dark mousse, all Loving Tan mousses are made with certified organic DHA with no parabens or alcohol.


Shower, shave and exfoliate your body to remove any dead skin cells lying on the surface that may block the solution from applying evenly.


Do NOT moisturize your entire body like you normally would, instead just lotion up your feet, heels, hands, wrists, knees and elbows. If I've learned anything from working in a tanning salon for all those years, it's that these are the places that absorb sunless tanner the most. Applying the lotion to these areas acts as a barrier and only allows in an appropriate amount to these places.



Time to apply your tan! After years of sunless tanning I've discovered what works best for me and there are two things; one being, use a tanning mitt and the other is use a very dense foundation brush. First take the mitt and pump 2-3 good size pumps onto the mitt and apply on to your arms (or whatever body part you are working on) After rubbing in about 90% of the product take your dense foundation brush and use circular motions to blend the solution in EVEN better. For your face, only use the brush and do not use the mitt. The mitt helps glide the mousse on smoothly and the brush helps buff and blend in the lines seamlessly.

Make sure you work on one arm, leg or area at a time as this stuff dries within minutes. Do not worry about how dark your body starts looking, this is just the instant bronzer working to help you see where you have applied the tan. If you think you look a little streaky in some areas don't stress because when you wake up in the morning you will jump in the shower to rinse off the top layer and will be streak free!


There is not a huge difference on my face but that's what I like the most! I don't look like I have dirt on my face like some self tanners can look, I just look like I have some color and a natural glow to me. Plus it doesn't clog my pores or make me break out, like others have in the past.

I was expecting this the smell to be stinky like others have in the past but was pleasantly surprised how it hardly smelt at all! Another HUGE bonus in my book, is that my light colored sheets are untouched! In the past I use to have to sleep on towels or in long sleeves and pants because it would mark up my bed so badly, not Loving Tan though!


My tan lasts a good 7-10 days and wears off evenly, in fact I always have to scrub the end of it off because it stays on my skin so well! I'm excited that my search is finally over and I've found a tanning product that I can rock all year long as well as on my wedding day!


Look at the glow yo!

I'm so obsessed with this stuff that I asked Loving Tan if I could give you guys a deal and the ladies at LT said yes! So when you order yours use the code 'eastwillowgrove' to receive a free mitt with any mousse purchase! There is also a easy to reach back applicator if you need a hand getting your back area. So if you're sick of paying for spray tans, buying lotions and other mousses that leave you orange or wash off after a day I highly suggest you join me on the golden goddess wagon, you won't be disappointed, promise!