How to Wear a Bathing Suit and Be a Mom

Fourth of July this year falls on a weekend and I couldn't be happier! While I always have the 3rd and 4th off from work it just makes it that much sweeter it's on a weekend. In my mind, I can go ahead  and consume a few extra glasses of wine since I'm not stuck in an office the next day.

This year we don't have any plans but to BBQ, catch some fireworks and hang with friends and family. Facebook has been blowin up letting me know that everyone is headed north this weekend. While we're staying local for the fourth we will be headed north next weekend. We're headed to Watervale to celebrate my birthday and get a small little family vacation in with my mom and Tom. To say it's greatly needed is an understatement!

Before having kids bathing suit was already hard for me. I was a petite girl with big boobs and finding tops that fit and I didn't have a Britney nip slip was next to impossible. Five years and two kids later it got about 20 times harder. AWESOME! Today I wanted to share a few suits that I've recently purchased that I feel really comfortable in and that most importantly, actually fit my current body shape!

Starting off with a top that gives me the ultimate boob lift, I scored this baby recently at good ole Target. The colors and style remind me of the famous Triangle Bikini's but without the price tag. Besides the colors and the instant boob job it gives me, I was originally drawn to the back! The razor back design is dreamy, but the tie part at the bottom makes it almost (don't quote me!) impossible to fall out of this thing!


Next up are two tops I recently got from Swim Outlet. I wanted something a little trendy but again, would also hold the girls in while I'm playing with the boys in the backyard, on the beach or doing some yard work and getting some sun. I loved the high neckline of the Athena but that it also had adjustable bra straps and a cute mesh panel.


The other one I got from Swim Outlet was the Volcom Trouble Maker Bustier Top. I purchased the classic black so I can mix it with a colorful bottom. Again, I love the razor back design, it feels secure when I'm wearing it but also a little sexy with the bustier sweetheart front.


Next up on the topic of suits is what do you wear on your butt checks. I have a few different low rise bottoms that look alright on me but I purchased this pair of high rise bottoms last year to feel a little more comfortable. I've mentioned a million times now that I'm eating better, and working out but something that will never go away are my tiger stripes from carrying these boys so low. I'm proud of these things but I also want to feel comfortable in my own body and these bottoms help me cover up the area I'm desperately working on.


Now on to the star of the show! I finally found this one-piece that fits me perfectly! I have always had trouble finding one that didn't give me camel toe or pull my sagbags down to my belly button, the struggle man, the struggle! I saw that Target was having a 20% off all bathing suits this week and spotted that beauty online and knew I needed to try it on in person.

Many women would never try on a bathing suit that has horizontal stripes because it makes you look as wide as a semi but because of the positioning and draping of the material it hides all my insecurities so well. I loved how I felt in it and couldn't take a picture fast enough to send to my sister in law. After sending it to her and then purchasing, I posted the picture below on a private mommy facebook group I'm in, telling everyone they needed to go get it!

You may think posting a picture of myself in a Facebook group of over 4,000 women is insane, but that's why this mommy group is so awesome! We are always posting good clothing finds or posting pictures of ourselves asking 'does this outfit make me look fat' or 'is this okay for an interview', etc. A few minutes after posting it my phone started blowing up. Everyone was on the hunt for the suit now, people were buying on-line, having their mother in laws picking it up, going to the store in the morning or right then, it was insane! Basically what I'm saying is that Target should thank me for all the sales these past few days, I'm pretty sure all of southeast Michigan is sold out now!

Remember that at the end of the day you should feel comfortable in your own skin and you shouldn't let a little extra fluff stop you from getting in the water or out in the sun with your kids or family! Have a great weekend, stay safe and rock your mom bod, whatever that size may be!