Skylor Turns 2

On Wednesday's I usually talk wedding but today, two years ago, I had a baby and we all know I love talking about my babies more than my wedding! I recently wrote about my struggle with a miscarriage before Skylor here but also about his amazing birth story here so I'll wait if you need to catch up.


Are you ready now?



This past weekend we had a small party to celebrate my little Bubble Guppies obsessed, chubby cheeked, nose scruncher baby toddler! It was almost just me, Jerek and the boys because I almost forgot to invite everyone over, my brain is fried lately people. Skylor is OBSESSED with Bubble Guppies, like last night he screamed for an hour while Jer tried putting him to bed saying "guppies, guppies, guppies" and pointing downstairs. 


For the party I kept it simple and affordable (under $100). I was going to attempt making Bubble Guppie character cupcakes but scratched that idea and printed up the cupcake toppers here for free. I also printed some little cut out's of the Bubble Guppies characters for the under the water mural I made with streamers and balloons. It was a semi Pinterest fail because mine didn't look like the ones I saw online, whatever!


As for a gifts, we really don't need toys so I had this idea for a trampoline! I knew I didn't want a little personal jumping one nor did I want one of those 12 foot ones. I found this one and ordered right away. I sent out a text and there was about 6 households, including us, that decided to all go in on it together for a birthday gift for Skylor. I loved the idea of everyone throwing a little money in and getting something bigger instead of a bunch of toys that we defiantly don't need. While the gift obviously isn't just for Skylor it's hard when you have more than one at this young age to really differentiate with your other kids (Skylor got a wagon last year for his birthday from my mom, obviously it's for both kids, not like we could tell Tracen, SORRY YOU CAN'T SIT IN IT! Ya feel!)

I was slightly bummed because when I ordered it, it said it would deliver by 8 pm on Friday which was going to be great since the party was Saturday. I'm not sure what happen but unfortunately it didn't arrive till Monday the 27th. However this worked out much better because it took Jerek and I about 3 hours to put together. Don't be fooled, I only helped the last 30 minutes. BUT! The boys haven't stopped jumping on it since it was put together Monday night. I HIGHLY suggest you buy one, just have some wine handy when you are putting it together.


Last year for Tracen's 4th birthday I pretty much cried the entire time making his video and that was basically the same story while making Sky's 2nd birthday this week. Take a watch and make sure you kiss those babies, cousins, nieces and nephews extra hard tonight because they grow up so damn fast.