What I'm Wearing

I'm not a fashion blogger,

and I'm not a makeup artist,

I've also never claimed to be either.
But I love posting outfit details
or makeup tutorials,
so I'll continue to do so.


As a mother, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people assume that once you pop a babe out you should "dress like a mom." I'd love to know what that means because as far as I know 'mom jeans' (high waisted Levi's) are in and they are pretty expensive at Urban.

I recently made a trip Ikea to grab the finishing touches for my dressing room remodel. One of the pieces I picked up was this fabulous full length mirror. I wanted one that I could prop up against the wall for full-length selfies, very important things people. I was on a search for the perfect mirror because I had plans.

As a mom I love my kids and as a 29 year old (that's weird to say) girl women, I love clothes. Why people assume you need to change your entire wardrobe once you have kids is beyond me. Fashion and clothing all depend on how you dress yourself, how the items lay on your body and for a mother that's a hard concept. Our bodies change in the craziest ways and I even bet Angelina Jolie's body is a little funky after all those kids!

After a little over 4 years of dressing my postpartum body I've started to figure out what works for me and what doesn't. My hips got massively wider but that's okay, I was able to push two kids out because they did. My boobs got bigger and then shrunk and now don't fit into bra's the same way, but that's okay because they fed my babies. My stomach is not flat like a pancake, in fact, it's a little fluffy because I like eating pancakes, but I'm working on it! While I have continued to work on my body an important lesson I learned was I needed to learn how to dress with every stage I was going through.

So I've decided to start a little fashion series here on East Willow Grove that will hopefully helps other moms, or other women, struggling to figure out what to wear and where to find things that they can afford. 

| M O N D A Y |


shirt- jeans- booties

| T U E S D A Y |


 shirt- jeans- booties

| W E D N E S D A Y |


 dress- denim shirt

| T H U R S D A Y |


tank- jeans - sweater - booties

| F R I D A Y |


 shift dress

I've tried my best to find links to everything I've purchased but if I can't I've tried to find something similar to help with your search! Every morning I took a selfie of my outfit. Not only does this help you ladies see what I'm wearing but it gives you ideas for outfits that maybe you already have in your closet but didn't realize! I'm not here to tell you to never wear leggings and your favorite Target V-neck, because I rock that shit too, I'm just trying to give you ideas on how you can still dress comfortable while you're headed to work, running errands or staying home watching the little ones. 

I would like to make these an every Friday thing but in the case that they don't, you can follow me along on my Instagram where I'll be posting outfits as well! I'll be using the hashtag #chelseascloset and #whatimwearing so if you want to join in use these hashtags too and we can see all gather ideas from each other!

Over the years I've discovered that I feel my best when I get off my butt, into the shower and put something else on other than leggings. So I'm here to hopefully inspire you to do the same, even if it's just one day a week! We all deserve to feel good about ourselves, by doing so we will be better mothers, better women, and learn to love ourselves more. 

Let me know if you like this idea and what your favorite outfit may be, have a great weekend! XO