What I'm Wearing

It's Friday, FINALLY! Today is twice as nice because Jer and I took today AND Monday off andddd these are daycare days which we've already paid for. Meaning we get two glorious days to ourselves to get things done kids-less, can you say productiveness, can you say DAY DATES! Today we're headed out to my moms house to go over pre-ception stuff and grab some lunch. Who knows what else the day will bring when you have no kids, perhaps a patio and some adult beverages while we hold hands and gaze into each others eyes and talk about how in love we are! Did I make you barf yet? Who really does that anyways!? In all seriousness, we will probably end up grabbing a drink and whilst walking there Jerek will go to grab my hand and notice I forgot to wear my engagement ring, again, and then give me 'the look' and ask me if he should just return it because I always forget to wear it. Then we'll end up talking about the kids the whole time like we normally do and smile at the kids next to us acting a fool while their parents are frazzled. #parentlife yo!

I seemed to get a good reaction from last weeks post so here we are again with this weeks outfits! I will say, in my attempt to not wear leggings on the week days to work, I did wear them Wednesday because my ovaries were aching and jeans were just NOT happening. As you can see though, I still looked semi put together...right???

[I tried finding links for everything but also wanted share different options for different price points]

Jeans (Express): save | splurge

Shirt (H&M): save | splurge

Sandals: save | splurge

Dress (similar): save | splurge

Sandals (Target-old): save | splurge (similar)

Leggings: save | splurge

Shirt (old Forever21)

Vest: save | splurge

Dress: save | splurge

Shirt: save | splurge

Sandals: save | splurge

Shorts: Levi's (vintage) save | splurge

Cardigan: save | splurge

Tank top: save | splurge

As you can see today's outfit wasn't one I wore to work because I wasn't in the office today. This is something I usually wear on the weekends, it's easy and comfortable yet doesn't scream look I haven't washed my hair in three days...I mean who does that... > <

A special shout out to my not so little nephew Griffin who turns 5 today! Time.Freaking.FLIES!

Have a great weekend! XO