August Goals

Lets cut to the chase here people. It's August 4th and we have goals to talk about!

1. Stay on my Macros/Gym routine- Macros', were about 75% stuck to. I basically am great at work but if the night time or weekends hit me in July, it was a game changer. You live and you learn and you just keep moving!

2. Restart Kayla Itsines plan- MAJOR.FAIL. Like I said, July was hard on me because our calendar was filled with events. I'm for real starting today, the 4th and will be at about 9 weeks when the Pre-ception is which will hopefully give me the results I'm looking for.

3. Finish my dressing room remodel/refresh- I just finished hanging the artwork yesterday. That's a total lie. JEREK, finished hanging everything yesterday for me but it's done and I'm so excited to share it with you soon. Jer even said that the little space came across so nice and he can totally see my vision and the "pins" I was modeling it after! Post coming soon guys!

4. Plan Skylor's 2nd birthday- ugh! He's two and the party was planned. Nothing crazy, just a few people for cupcakes and ice cream. If you missed his birthday video, here it is to watch.

5. Renew license plate tabs & license- I'm late on that train but yes, it's done, I'm just waiting for them to arrive in the mail. Which hopefully I don't get pulled over while I don't have them. BTW, so many bars and grocery stores follow the "if your license is expired, we can't sell to this person rule." RUDE!!!


1. Keep moving- This may sound dumb, but since July was so busy I felt like I was either at work or we were off doing things. While these things were always fun, I felt like I didn't take enough walks, work out enough or do enough physical activity. If we're Fitbit friends you probably noticed! I swear I couldn't get 10,000 steps in if I tried!

2. Make a chiropractic appointment- I've been waiting to try and see if this will help with my migraines and lower back pain and have yet to ever been adjusted. Leave me a comment if you have recommendations in the Metro Detroit area!

3. Finalize pre-ception details- We went over where everything is going to be at my moms the other day but I still need to book a couple things and start printing some signs and getting the little decorations all set up. I want this done by the time Labor day is here because I know those next few weeks before are going to be busy at work and at home.

Giving myself 3 goals for the month and keeping them pretty attainable is key right now when we have so much going on. Happy Tuesday and Happy August! I will have a new video up for you tomorrow (not a vlog) so look for that too!