Wedding Talk: Boys Outfits

Having the boys in the wedding has probably been one of the things I've been excited about the most. I will probably just cry seeing them, never mind them walking me down the isle and me trying to keep it together to read vows. Eff!

Summer is coming to and end and I'm about to go ham on the sale racks! I need to scoop up as much summer gear as I possible for our trip to Mexico in April. I'm talking shorts, shirts, swim suits, swim shirts, wedding attire, everything. I need to get it all before it's full price next spring and I'm left cursing up a storm because I waited so long.

SO with that being said here are a few of the different looks I'm thinking for the boys for the wedding in Mexico. Keep in mind we still aren't sure what Jer and the guys will be wearing but I'm jonesing for navy pants and a light top, that's a topic for another day though!



So what number is your favorite? Me, personally, I like 2, 3 with a side of 4. The sass in 6 is amazing but I think it might be too warm for the jacket. Trace has already said he's not "doing" suspenders so there's that. I'm really leaning towards navy shorts because stains yo! Now to find all the deals, all the sales and all the clothes!