What I'm Wearing

Hey ya'll! It's Friday again and the third What I'm Wearing post! I realize I'm taking selfies of myself with less than par lighting and most likely a few, or more finger prints grace themselves on my mirror, but do we like these? I'm really digging them to be honest! I've been surfing around Pinterest more looking for inspiration that I can pull out of my own closet in hopes that I inspire you to do the same! That made sense right?

This week we started Monday off with no work, hence the off the shoulder top I wore, wahoo! Jer and I had another day off so we rushed and dropped the kids off at daycare and started our day of house projects and drinks on the patio! We headed down to Ferndale and had taco's, hot dogs and beer at Imperial and it was glorious! Then we headed back home and I filmed a new video and worked on finishing my dressing room, which it's finished thanks to the wonderful man that's good with a hammer and nails, Jerek! Room tour coming soon yooo!

The rest of the week was work, work and more work! It's a really a busy time there if I haven't stressed this enough by now. I'll spare you the boring automotive talk but I'll be traveling soon in September, October and November so I'm trying to make sure the home front is my main priority lately, Tracen doesn't do well when I'm gone over night.

JEANS: save | splurge 

SHIRT: old from Forever 21

DRESS: save | splurge

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JEANS: save | splurge

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SHOES: save

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I'm getting pretty excited for fall to come, I love pumpkin spiced everything, big huge, chunky knit sweaters, boots and beanies. My face lights up just thinking about it all! Since I work full-time and we have a casual dress code the summer months are hard to dress for to be honest, so the cooler weather is something I don't mind, strictly for dressing for work purposes! Happy Friday folks!