What I'm Wearing

Good morning! Hello! Hope you are doing great and if you aren't well, you are the only one who can change that and I hope you do because guys, it's Friday!

Yesterday's post was one of those that just poured out of me. I didn't sit down and think hmm, I'd like to talk about something mommyish today, what shall it be! Basically word vomit, and then I spell checked it.

Sometimes when I write motherly/parenting posts I hesitate to push publish. I mean, really, who am I to give advice as I only have two kids, they are only under 5 and I'm only 29. However over the last 2 years I hope you have gotten to know me and that the filter on my mouth only works about 25% of the time. This is usually in work settings (although some beg to differ) and when I'm talking to my grandparents, although I've probably slipped a F bomb here or there with them, sorry gram!

Know that when I complain, when I spew at the mouth or when I try to be uplifting and encouraging it comes from a good place. I read SO.MANY.BLOGS and when I come across something that resonates with me I think to myself how happy I am to have read that post, maybe it changed my way of thinking or maybe just lifted me up from the hole I've been laying in for the past few days feeling sorry for myself. Yes, that was a huge run on sentence, I know. Whatever that may be, I hope that maybe you find that in my any of mother/parenting post.

While I enjoying writing a sappy, feel good post I sure do love taking selfies in the mirror every morning for these Friday posts!

This week was a full 5 days or work {BOO!} But next week is a 3 day work week so BOOYA!


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You may have noticed that I wore Monday's outfit a few weeks ago on Thursday but I changed up my shoes, this can sometimes change an entire outfit. I'm really trying to find new ways to wear the clothes I already have before I go bat shit crazy and drop money that should be for other things, IE: the wedding, and spend it on new clothes. 

Yes, I also realize I'm wearing a flannel around my waist and have ZERO intent on putting it on, well maybe in my office because it's freezing in here, but besides that it was solely put on to add a little color and show off my waist, making it appear to look smaller. I will also be headed to the gym straight after work to work on said waist, happy Friday! TGIF!!!