100 days left of 2015

In 100 days our news feeds will be flooded with resolutions, goals, ideas and things people want to accomplish in 2016. With 100 days left in 2015 I want you to not dread on the weight you've put on or the things you haven't accomplished in 2015.  Instead take a look back at what has happened leading up till now, the adventures you have done, the goals you have accomplished and the memories you have made.

For me personally 2015 has been a pretty good year. Some years are filled with more bad than good but this year was a very positive one for me personally.

Entering 2015 I was a recently engaged women to a boy I fell in love with back in 7th grade. Also entering 2015 I was a mother to 2 beautiful, healthy boys.

In the first few weeks of 2015 we welcomed our newest nephew Emry Zane into this world and I was honored to be there to witness it all.

Shortly into 2015 we announced our wedding plans which included a pre-ception party in Michigan (in 4 days!) and a destination wedding to follow in 2016.

I set goals ideas in my head of what I wanted to do and see before I turned 30 next year. I'm happy to report these things are coming along nicely too!

We were able to do some projects around the house while still staying on our budget. Our main bathroom got a face lift, as well as our kitchen, with a dressing room update coming soon!

I lost some weight, gained muscle and found confidence back in myself that was hiding for some time.

I shared stories of my personal motherhood journey, ones about eating out at restaurants with kids, about living in the now, about how hard motherhood is but the hardest post to write was about loss.

We took engagement photos that revolved around us and not the family. I talked about mine and Jerek's relationship as unwed parents.

I bared my 'mom bod' in a bathing suit on the internet and had a great reaction.

We took a family vacation over to West Michigan, went to multiple beaches and splash pads and over all had a fantastic summer!

Skylor turned two, Tracen ended preschool and started Pre-K and I cried a whole lot of nights.

I also posted light hearted things like my daily outfits, and easy and affordable makeup options.

More importantly I captured all of our life on video as well as filmed my first wedding! 2015 has been hectic but exhilarating, hard but rewarding. My hopes for the next 100 days are to enjoy the craziness that is about to happen.  Try not to succumb to the stress that overwhelms me with the holiday's closing in or the traveling I will have to do for work. Look forward to the weekend full of family and friends celebrating our wedding, to Halloween with friends and Thanksgiving with family. Hayrides and pumpkin picking, apple crisp making and birthday party planning. To the gift of giving and the start of a new year. But for now, lets live for today and for the days left of 2015.

Here is to the last 100 days of 2015!