Life Lately

Hi hello, how are you? I'm still here, I promise, just ask Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Etsy, Pinterest or YouTube. EFF, that's so much social media, Jerek's probably rolling his eyes...Anywho, you basically can never truly miss me because I'm always posting a picture of the boys or a video that I think is funny online, somewhere. But if here is where you like to find me I apologize, I've been off livin *insert big heart emoji eyes*

Life has been so glorious lately from the weather to the beach trips to our new family long board purchases, I've been taking so many photos and videos but haven't been blogging much of anything! The end of summer is always so bitter sweet for me, hell, most anyone in the midwest I'm sure it is! I know I'm getting sick of wearing next to nothing and still sweating like a man and am ready for this heat to rest for a bit. I've been jonesing for that PSL, over-sized flannel and some apple picking. But just like that, instantly I'm sadden as the sun is not up when I get ready for work anymore and the weather app is telling me that hell is coming.

Life has been hectic lately too. I've been bugging reminding people on Facebook that I need RSVP's for the pre-ception (12 days away people!) which might not be proper protocol but really, when do I follow proper rules anyways? (The answer is never people!) Thankfully it didn't take me long and I got all of the RSVP's in, (thanks to my tactful reminders) and was able to confirm the amount with the catering company. I've been staring at my spreadsheet, reminding myself who needs to be paid, when and getting excited for all the video and photos to come. I still need to gather up hours upon hours of music (leave some suggestions below if you will!)

Life at work has been non stop. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you'd know I was in Charlotte, North Carolina for work last week. My snaps consisted of food, not being able to sleep and editing video's, exhilarating people! I'll be back there the week after our pre-ception to continue the project I was working on and then back to Mexico and Portland the following month. After that I should be done traveling for awhile because then it's thanksgiving, Tracen's birthday, Christmas and New Years! OUI!

I went to Chicago a few weekends ago and am almost done editing my girlfriends wedding video and I realized how much I love shooting other peoples special moments that I want to do more! Also being there, watching everyone get ready got me so excited for my own wedding. It also reconfirmed that having a destination wedding is really the best plan for us. I loved everything about their wedding day but it didn't make me wish we were doing ours here in Michigan or differently by any means. I'm happy I had those feelings too, because I was scared I would come back to the room, crying to Jerek, saying we made a big mistake. Alas, I didn't and I'm even more excited for Mexico, for the beach and for our family!

I've been vlogging the past few weekends but you might not know since I haven't uploaded in a bit but I've been spending the weekends by some type of water by day and snuggled up on the couch watching Breaking Bad with Jer (we're on season 4!) at night, so the only editing I've been doing is Alexa and Matt's wedding video to be honest! The other night I finally compiled a bunch of lost/random footage into a video. It's not my normal editing work but if you want to see what we've been up to lately, take a peak here or below!

I have so much planned in these new few months it's about to get crazy here in blog and YouTube world! If you ever miss me here on the blog, you can always find me over sharing on one of the million other social media outlets I mentioned above. I'm obsessed with, Instagram or Snapchat lately so daily postings can be found on there. Both names are @eastwillowgrove and leave yours below, I love seeing new faces!

Cheers and here's to Tuesday, which is almost Wednesday, closer to Thursday and even closer to Friday, which is pretty much the weekend. Love ya'll!