How to Style a Lob + Video


About a month ago I drove my hairdresser nuts by texting her non-stop, begging to chop my hair off. You see I usually send Jamie a bajillion photos of 'how I want my hair' to be and then she kindly reminds me that I'm spontaneous and to think things through. So naturally I went in a week before our pre-ception party and told her I still wanted to chop it all off. So she finally gave in and I love it!


So as always, I went in with some photos to base it off of and we went from there (here are some of the photos I brought in.) I also wanted to darken my base since the fall was approaching and I've been rocking a bright blonde hue for a while now. Most people would think I'm crazy for doing such a dramatic change up right before our party but that's what I do, I get bored, antsy and stressed right before big things are happening. I also like change, unlike most, I like that uneasy feeling of not knowing my reaction, plus, hell, IT'S HAIR DUDE!!!



It's been a solid month of getting use to using less shampoo, extremely fast blow drying and learning how to style my new lob. I've gotten many many requests to show how I curl it now that it's shorter. For some reason people always think they can't use the same tools as girls with long luscious locks, and that is totally not true.  So I decided I would show you how I'm using my NUME wands, you know, the one I'm ALWAYS raving about, to show you how you can curl short hair! If you want to see me with longer hair using the wand, here is the video for that. PS. I know I'll get asked, so the lip color is Wet n Wild-Vamp It Up and it is super affordable and one of my favorites for the fall and winter!


NUMEFORME- ANY wand + free trial size Shampoo & Conditioner: $26 (till 10/25)
GETMYJAMON-Curl Jam  + round brush: $89 (till 10/20)
BOGO39- Any 2 wands for $39 (10/31)
LUVMYWAND- All wands + Thermal pouch + Argan oil: $38 (till 10/31)
111OFF- All sets $111 off (10/31)
MEGAMEGA- Megastar Straightener + microfiber hair wrap + thermal pouch: $67 (10/31)
DRIESFAST- Blowdryer: $59 (10/31)

Don't forget to watch the video for a sneaky little giveaway!

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