Cyber Monday Deals Gone Crazy

Did you go out shopping on Black Friday? I did, but not at 4am like all you freaks, I was out at a casual 10am with the boys and my mom while Jerek worked. We hit up Panera for some brunch and snagged a M&M cookie to bribe the boys with for later. Then we headed off to Target and walked around like normal people because all you walnuts were fast asleep relishing in your $159 50" TV's and $10 blenders.

Now if basement remodels were on sale Friday I guess I should have been up and out at 4am because currently about 75% of our basement is sitting in our garage due to water in our basement. So if any of you guys happened to snag new drywall, flooring and paint on Friday and want to sell it to me at a discounted rate, I'M ALL FREAKING EARS.

Moving on from my basement pity party lets talk Cyber Monday deals! This is something I can get down with! When you shop from your computer, no one can tell you that you should be nice to the retail workers because they are sacrificing "their" time for you to shop. Side rant; did you know that there are people that are police officers, fire men and women, nurses, doctors, cafeteria works in the hospitals, clerks at 7-11 and CVS and many many other jobs that ALSO work holidays and are away from their families, hmm, imagine that.

Anywho, back to shopping from your computer braless.

When I sign up to be on store email lists I have a spam folder things go into through out the year. Occasionally I check when I'm looking for something that way I have coupon codes at my little finger tips, because paying full price is BS yo! When Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes along I stalk my spam folder and I mean STALK! Remember, just because you weren't at Target on Friday at 4am doesn't mean you can't score something online at Target on Monday, yaaa feeelll!


 kids PJ's : tie : stocking : backpack : dress 

This year I'm scooping up some new pj's for my kids that grow faster then the weeds in between your driveway cracks. With our wedding trip a few months away the boys will be getting new backpacks to take with them as carry ons and since I don't do that characters that they will not like 2 months later, I'm getting them cute but versitile ones.

Jer may or may not be getting some new work attire but only if it can fit in these new stocking's I'm getting because we have a no gift policy between the two of us. And who could resist not picking something up for themselves, this shift dress is too damn cute! Tights and boots for the winter, wedges or booties in the spring

Also, don't forget to sign up for Ebates BEFORE you start Cyber Monday shopping! Each website gives you different amounts of money back on things you are ALREADY buying! Free money sounds good to me! 

Some sales I know that have already started below. Please leave any other good deals you know of in the comment section!

JCREW- take 30% off your purchase, including things that are never on sale! Plus 40% off all sale items. Use code HOLIDAY at checkout.

ANTHROPOLOGIE- 25% off everything with code SHOPTOIT

OLD NAVY- 40% off EVERYTHING! Use code BESTCYBER for Monday only

COLOURPOP- 20% off EVERYTHING! (No code needed)

Nume's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals continue through today for the following until sold out
Hairdryer's are $39, code DRYBOLD. 
Magic wands are $24.99, code CYBERCURL
White truffle hair collection (is normally $130!!!) is $29.99 for 5 products!!! 
Classic wands are $17.99, code SUCHADEAL 
Straighteners are $15.99, code BFIRONS

Last but not least my Etsy shop, East + Willow, is having 25% off the entire store with the code CYBERMONDAY at checkout! This goes for all the SALE items as well! All orders will be shipped out by December 8th with 2 day priority shipping to ensure delivery for the holidays. Check out the shop for more adult and kids shirts here!