Huge Black Friday Sale

Hello and Happy Monday! Yes, HAPPY MONDAY! I'm here to tell you about the black Friday deals I'm having at my shop and lucky you, they start TODAY!

Black Friday sales are getting earlier and earlier every year and while I'm always down for a good deal I can't stand sitting in line at 4am for a freaking blender, or better yet a TV that is only $50 less then normal price but everyone is popping boners over that 60 inch they just can't liiiiiveeee without! Barf.

So shop away in with no bra and yesterday's makeup on because I'm giving you coupon codes to use from YOUR COMPUTER! No waiting in line, missing work and hell I'm giving these codes to you 4 days before black Friday even begins! The codes are good from today, the 23rd and they are valid through December 1 so shop away!

All orders will be shipped out by December 11th (if not sooner) and arrive 2-4 days later depending on the post and where you live.

In case you missed my big announcement post I'll recap it now. Any shop orders that have come in from 11/2-12/1 will have 10% of the profits donated for gifts for the NICU babies at The Children's Hospital of Michigan, which my family will then contribute on top of that.

These meaning behind the shirts mean a lot to me. Being in the hospital with kids is never fun and over holidays is a million times worse. I want these babies to have a little something special from a fellow NICU mom who spent Christmas there almost 5 years ago. Hopefully the parents may shed a smile when they read the cards and see the gifts that all 43 beds at the NICU will be getting from us!


one. two. three. four.

Buy 1 Adult shirt, get 1 Children shirt 50% off: Code BLACKFRIDAYADULT

Buy 1 Children shirt, get 1 Children shirt 50% off: Code BLACKFRIDAYKID

Buy 4 Adult shirts get $20 off: Code BLACKFRIDAY4SHIRTS

Spend $100, get $20 off: Code 20OFF


one. two. three. four.

There are also still a few of the 'House of Twins' and 'House of Girls' shirts on sale right now that also are available to get in on the Black Friday deals!

All shirts can be gift wrapped and sent to whomever you choose (in the US) and a holiday card can be added at no additional cost. Please make sure you just leave a message in the notes and I will ship accordingly!

Please email me if you have any questions on sizing, colors, etc at