I'm too busy living life to worry about red cups

I love coffee and I love Starbucks, this is no secret, but when the 'news'  starts talking about religion and Starbucks cups in the same sentence I tend to blank out, I mean, COME THE EFF ON HERE PEOPLE.GET.OVER.IT. I honestly hate myself for even starting this post off talking about Starbucks and the talk about it being anti Christmas!

Moving on! I'm back from Mexico {wahoo!} and officially done traveling this year for work, or at least I'm hoping I'm done. I have too much holiday and birthday planning to do to travel further than a 30 mile radius at this moment. If you want to read about my trip last year at this time here ya go but spoiler alert, this time was about 99% better. The hotel was booked properly (thanks to myself), the food was close to great and having a international work phone allows me to talk to the boys whenever I wanted and I was able to document my entire week on Snapchat, important things people. To me Snapchat is an extension of my YouTube channel in a way that its raw and unedited and the quality expectation is lax but fun to watch. I honestly love it and it's a nice little break when I can't have my camera glued to my hand. It almost makes you feel like you're hanging out with the person. My name is 'eastwillowgrove' if you want to hang out, hear me complain about my commute to and from work or want to join me while traveling, at weddings or chasing after my kids.



The last few weeks have been busy busy! Tracen finished up soccer and I think his team won every game. Tracen scored a ton of goals this season but what made me the happiest is that he never once celebrated in a I'm better than you manner, he was a total sweetheart and always cheered everyone! I'm not sure where he gets that from because I'm pretty sure I was a snob in my younger goal scoring years.


We celebrated my brother in laws birthday by going to their boat and having a BBQ at the marina. It was a little rainy at times by Tyler is a freaking genius and used his tarp for the boat to basically enclose us into the area and keep us all dry, can you tell he's an engineer. As usual Skylor was shoving his face with anything he could get his hands on and Emry wouldn't stop smiling.


Halloween was on a Friday and we had taken that day off of work to relax before I left for Mexico. Tracen had a Halloween parade at his school and we felt like stellar parents as we BOTH were able to attend! Trace got his costume about 2 months ago when he begged to have big muscles and he never takes that thing off. I was nervous that it would be garbage when Halloween actually came around.  If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen Tracen's future wife, Mia, as Napoleon. What you might not have seen is her mom and dad dressed up as Deb and Pedro. I mean, talk about killin it! Jerek and I were Tara and Jax from Sons of Anarchy but the wig I bought wouldn't curl and I cut it bad so unless you saw me with Jerek you probably had no idea who I was, whatevs, Jer looked great though!




This past Saturday we had a girlfriend from college's wedding at the Dearborn Inn and it was beautiful! Talk about crazy, everyone is grown up with big kid jobs, some married, some with kids and not shot gunning beers at a football game, ahh, adult life, how weird are you!


Last but not least I added NEW adult and kids shirts to the shop (East + Willow) 10% of all the profits from the sales before Christmas will go towards gifts for kids in the NICU at The Children's hospital of Michigan. You can read the whole post here. So find a shirt that you, your kids or someone needs a gift and know the money is going towards something amazing!



Happy Tuesday and have a great week!