Our Engagement Story

Today marks 12 years, 12 years of dating, loving, and fighting for each other, for us. We've spent years of working on us, years of loving each other unconditionally, years of parenting together and years of showing everyone that making a commitment to each other is more than just paper and a big party.

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Over the years, before actually being engaged and planning a wedding, I've always said I would never need to be engaged longer than a year. I've been with Jer forever so wedding planning should be easy I said. Jerek was always the one that suggested maybe we get married in 2016, so we have more time to plan the wedding, more time to save, what's the rush. I'm pretty sure we got in a few fights over the topic because I swore "you just don't get it, that's just so long!"..."I WANT MORE BABIES!!!!" *le sigh* 

You win Jer.

You're right.

I'm wrong.

Yea yea yea.

Last month on October 10th, it was one whole year of engagement bliss! I know I know, I sound like a mega cheese ball but honestly it's been a great year. We've been really busy with work, wedding planning and enjoying life that 12 months have flown by. While editing photos form the preception (yes, they WILL be up soon, PROMISE!) I realized I've never spilled the beans on the engagement story! Funny story, Jer tried proposing a few times the month before but things just didn't pan out!

After proposing he told me when these times were. I guess he was going to at our family pictures last September but he left the ring in his jacket which he took off half way through the photos and left it in the car; nice work Jer. Then a few weeks later he had made a sign and had the boys with him and knew my route home from work. I always bitch and moan about my commute so he was going to stop me midway and propose right then and there, but he said he missed me by a minute.

So fast forward to October 10, 2014. He happen to have the day off work, I'm sure I was irritated the whole day about it too. Solely because I wanted to be off work and on a day date with him and not slaving away. I came home early before we needed to go grab the boys from daycare and I walked in to a super clean home with flowers on the counter. Jerek was all giddy with excitement when he opened the door and squealed 'WANNA SEE WHAT I DID TODAY!" Imagine Will Ferrell in ELF...YEA...

He took me to the back family room and showed me the floor that was laying there, under the gross carpet he ripped out. "Are you mad? It's not bad right?" It was actually much better than I thought and honestly that carpet was bad so anything would have been better!

I flopped down on the couch and was exhausted. Work was wearing me out and I probably stayed up far too late watching Netflix the night before so all I wanted was relax for a few minutes before we left for daycare.

Jerek had mentioned a few times about signing Tracen up for indoor soccer and said we should go check it out before we left.  I figured we would go online and sign him up but he insisted he dragged me off the couch and to the soccer dome.

While we drove there I honestly had no idea he was going to propose. No idea why the soccer dome was the slightest bit of importance. Jerek did though, he remembers everything, all the details, all the memories. We pulled up and the bubble wasn't even up yet, the office hours were only open till 4 and it was a little after so they were closed. I think I told Jerek something along the lines of "see, we should just go online and sign up, lets go."

He continued to pull into a parking spot and calmly said, "Come on, get out!" At that point I was so confused what the hell we were doing there but Jerek knew, he knew the whole time.

He remembered back in 2003, when he was in that same parking spot, picking me up from a party down the street (sorry mom).  I met him there and we sat in my car and talked. I think I said something like "so are you going to be my boyfriend yet or what?" because that's who I am people.

Back to present day, Jerek and I were in front of my car holding hands and I'm realizing what the hell is happening. He wasn't nervous, he was calm and smiling and so happy. His voice wasn't trembling, wasn't scared, he was so excited. After his crazy sweet proposal he got down on one knee at the place where we made it official so many years ago. Right across from the high school, the place where we spent years together as just friends. We said yes again, to each other, to continue being best friends, to  keep parenting as one unit, to keep loving each other unconditionally, and to keep waking up next to each other, every, single day.

We were so giddy when we picked up the kids, Tracen asked if he got a special ring when we all get married, Sky just said 'hiiiii, I hungry!'...of course he did. We then left for Washington DC on a trip we had planned for months. Instead of spilling our new secret to everyone as soon as we got there we kept it in. Putting my ring on when in the bathroom, taking photos to put on Instagram but never posting and continunally smiling. We kept in the secret for the weekend because Jerek's aunts had just moved to DC and we were there to celebrate in their excitement.

The whole weekend we just smiled at each other, knowing what we knew. Jer would randomly ask me if I had the ring in my purse, and smile. It was perfect, all of it. We finally told his family at the end of the weekend and they were ecstatic and so surprised since no one knew ahead of time!

You can watch our trip to DC here and our engagement photos video here!

Happy 12 years,

to my one and only.

May the next 12 years

be just as exciting as these have been!