Wedding Reception Outfit: Wedding Talk


Lets continue the pre-ception wedding talk shall we! Last week I shared all the details on the vendors we used including how much everything costs. While I was tempted to talk about clothes I refrained because well, the post was long enough!

I knew going into shopping I wanted to find something new for everyone to wear, something affordable and something we would wear more than just once. I really don't buy things anymore just for one occasion, they need to be multifunctional.

For the outdoor party I was trying to find something long, flowy and NOT white. As you can tell I got neither long nor flowy and I wore white. The reason behind this was because I couldn't find anything that I loved and was reasonably priced. I did find this dress and this dress but I wasn't loving either or price tag.


We got the boys and Jerek's outfits first. I wasn't feeling myself the day we went shopping, most likely I was on the rag and felt like a 1000 pound whale so dressing the boys was more fun at that moment. All three boys got their outfits at H&M with the exception of Jerek's vest and tie he already had that were from Forever 21 Men.




I wasn't going to have the boys match but it just ended up happening that way. The pants and blue shirts are different colors but ultimately, they have the same outfit on, womp womp. If we ever have twins (which secretly I want, you won't catch me dressing them them same, I'm just not really into the matchy matchy look)

Jerek bought new pants and a shirt from H&M and then used a tie and vest that he already had at home. How handsome is this guy!


As I shopped around for myself the more I thought about nixing the dress idea and getting a romper. You see, I still needed to be a mom and take care of kids that day so I wanted to make sure that if I was bending over I didn't have a butt cheek flop out or a post nursing nip slip, you know, casual things.

I ended up going to Forever 21 as you do, and found a little white romper. I was so against white at first because well, WHITE AND BOYS = ONE SLOPPY MESS! Not to mention I'm a slop kabob in real life so white is just not a good idea for me. Truth be told it could have been pink (ew) and I would have gotten it because it complimented my body SO well!


I self tanned the day before and if I'm being honest here, which I always am, I looked hawwwttt! My legs looked like I spent a week in Mexico minus the sun cancer of course. I've raved about this tanner many times, I even wrote a whole post on it because it's THAT great. You can check out the post here or stalk Loving Tans instagram because the before and afters are LIFEEE!

I'll definitely be bringing the romper with us to Mexico while we're there so it wasn't a one time outfit wear that I thought might be happening. At the end of the night everyone actually seemed to manage to not spill wine apple juice on their clothes so I was pretty happy with ourselves!

Hope you guys are having a great week and Happy early Thanksgiving! Don't forget I have a HUGE Black Friday sale on all the T-Shirts in my Etsy shop! The codes are good till December 1st so snag some house of boy shirts, kids, Olsen, Drake and Brunch tee's!