The best way to read blogs

Years ago I discovered blogs. I had no idea what they were to be honest, I just thought it was cool that I had Googled 'how to ____' and I found real life answers. If only years ago I had known about Bloglovin.


Back in college I use to bookmark all the blogs I would find and when I remembered I would check back in. I found it stressful though because I would always be "behind" on all the post and subsequently would end up not reading them anymore.

Three years ago I was in the process of doing research on how to start my own blog when I stumbled upon the wonderful site/app called Bloglovin.

What is Bloglovin you ask? It's a tool for you to keep up with blogs! A way to manage all your feeds in one place! You can follow ANY blogger {whether they are signed up on it or not}. It's a brilliant tool and one for the OCD organizational junkie like myself.

No more bookmarking blogs and forgetting to read them, Bloglovin keeps everything in one place for you. You can set reminders when new posts go up to have an email sent to you daily or weekly. If you ever find a blog and they don't have a Bloglovin button that takes you directly to there page you can still follow them it just takes one extra step. You will need to go to Bloglovin yourself and search there blog name and then add to your reading list. Most bloggers have a Bloglovin button though you may just not know it! They are either a heart, a plus sign or a 'B' icon (mine is a heart which is their old icon I believe.)


Recently they also have made it available for you to install a widget making it even easier for people to follow and get emails sent directly to them if they'd like.


You can also save posts you want to later and share posts with others to read.


You can also discover new blogs on the site by checking out the EXPLORE tab in Bloglovin. From time to time I go through my list and unfollow blogs that no longer post or that I have lost interest in. Refreshing your reading list is good to do and allows you to clean house and discover new bloggers at the same time.

This is mine, so if you clicked on it, then you would be taken to my blog via Bloglovin and have the option to press FOLLOW and I'd be added to your Bloglovin list. It's easy to create an account and you don't have to be a blogger yourself, it's a simple way to keep everything in one place.

Most of the blogs I read I also follow elsewhere, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube so I usually see when they post on other forms of social media. However when I'm busy at work and not online for many many hours I turn to Bloglovin to keep me updated. I mean, I NEED to know if Little Baby Garvin is pregnant again ya feel!

So sign up for Bloglovin here and then add me to your reading list! You can always find me updating on Instagram and Facebook too if you aren't feelin another user name and password combo!