Friday Faves

This Vlogmas/Blogmas business is hard stuff I tell ya! I failed for Day 3 yesterday because we went to the local Christmas tree lighting, which meant the boys were up late and crashed as soon as I hit the pillow.

This weekend we don't have much plans which I'm very excited about. We got our basement flood situation figured out and need to start the cleaning, demoing and redoing of the basement so I guess that is really what our weekend will consist of I suppose.

A while back I use to do Friday round ups but got away from it and I'm not why because I love reading them! So I decided it's coming back and it shall be called Friday Faves. Centered around five round ups of our week, recent Pins I'm loving, clothes I'm lusting over, you get the point. Friday's for us are very chill and very relaxed once we all get home from work and daycare. They are full of pizza and beer and couch snuggles with the boys, I mean they aren't called Pizza Party Friday's for nothing!

1. I've been working on editing a few videos that you will see this month and they are ones I'm really proud of. A photography video, a 2015 video and Tracen's 5th birthday video, look for those coming soon! In the meantime I've been re-watching videos from the last few years and basically just crying. With all the horrible news flying around lately I find it reassuring to watch something that makes me happy.

2. Lately I've been thinking about doing a 30 item challenge like my fellow Michigander blogger, Tieka, is currently doing. I mean, I pretty much wear the same 30 things anyways! I've been de-cluttering my wardrobe and life lately and what better way to start the year off than that.

3. People keep asking me what I would like for Christmas and I really don't NEED anything. Well besides new cookie sheets because the ones we have stress me out. Besides that, nothing really. I do WANT (not necessarily NEED) a new bag for work. I'm really loving any of these below. So family members if you need an idea, here ya go.

one | two | three | four

4. Christmas is like what 20 days away and with Cyber Monday and Black Friday over with I've been working double time trying to get everything ready and shipped out with the tee shirts in the shop. There is still time to order if you missed out, the cut off is Monday the 7th to ensure enough time for printing and delivery. If you don't need for the holidays then you can order whenever you'd like!

5. For the last few years for Christmas we have done the 4 gift rule for the boys (and a stocking.) We do something you can read, something you need, something you want and something you eat. Last year we did a big gift for both of them (the kitchen) as their want and they loved it. This year I'm not really sure what to do to be honest! I've been picking up stuff for their stockings on my many trips to Target but I'm at a lost on the something you want part. I know I should listen to what they say they want but Tracen wants like $150 lego sets that are for 10 year olds so that's out of the question. If you ask Skylor he just wants to watch PJ Masks, ALL.DAY.LONG so unless I want my kid to turn into a vegetable I'm fresh outta ideas! We have so many toys and we've been selling and giving away a ton lately that I just don't know what to get them. Our thought was a 5 in 1 play table like this one but Jer thinks it might be a too old for them still. Leave ideas on what you are getting your kids (boys or girls) and maybe something will spark my brain!

Happy Friday and have a beer for me wontcha!