40 Questions Beauty Style

Today is Thursday but it's my Friday because I took work off tomorrow and really today starts my weekend so like HI, WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND!

A few days ago a friend and fellow blogger, Sara, tagged me in a recent post she did regarding 40 questions all about beauty. I loved seeing her answers to these questions and while many of mine were similar in products we use, a lot of mine were totally different!

Sara and I have quite the opposite lifestyles though, read, I have 2 kids, and she doesn't! While I found out she uses a lot of the same products I use there are many things I do differently, probably because I'm a mom, because I'm almost 30 and because I'm lazy as faaaaawkkk!

I get TONS of questions from my Instagram, YouTube or Blog when I post make up or hair tutorials on what products I use, where I buy them at, etc. I figured this was a perfect opportunity for me to answer a bunch of these questions and perhaps help my fellow mommy's out, ya feelll!



1. How many times a day do you wash your face? 
If I'm lucky, once. I always wash it in the morning. This is because 50% of the time I don't wash it at night so I HAVE to wash it in the am! A few times a week I pretend I have my shit together and wash my face twice but that's if I'm highly caffeinated and had a great day a work...IE: not often!

2. What type of skin do you have?
Normal to dry. In the winter I have severely dry skin in my T-zone as well as on the rest of my body.

3. What is you current facial wash?
I use a bunch of different ones depending on what I'm faced (pun intended!) with. I use Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne wash followed up by Garnier Cleansing oil for dry skin. I've also been using the Soothe Line from R+F for awhile now and have really noticed a difference in my skin. However my hair and skin get use to things and stop working so I have to alternate things around so my body doesn't start acting crazy.

4. Do you exfoliate?
Yes, about once a week. Since it is so dry I can't over do it. I usually do it on the weekends when I know I'm going to be giving my skin rest from makeup for a bit.

5. What brands do you use? 
I switch between St Ives , Neutrogena Deep Clean and the Freeman Charcol & Black sugar mask. All very affordable and do a great job.

6. What is your typical night beauty routine?
Pass out in bed with a full face of makeup on...no really, that is me most nights. On a GOOD night I will exfoliate or a do a mask, than wash and rinse my face. Following this up with a moisturizer and serum/oil and a big glob of Vaseline covering my forever chapped lips. I then pop my retainers in and put some of my Mario Badescu drying lotion on my current breakouts and crawl into bed. Jerek gets to sleep next to one real hot piece of ass!

7. What moisturizer do you use?
As mentioned I use the R+F Soothe line but switch it up with the Men's Nivea After Shave Balm (watch Nikkie Tutorials and you will know why!) and usually at night the Cetaphil lotion.

8. Do you use eye cream? 
I've used some R+F eye cream before and it was amazing, but I ran out and never got back into it. I probably should now that I'm nearing 30 and my sleep schedule is so off!

9. Do you/did you have acne prone skin? 
Thankfully, no. I have been noticing I'm seeing breakouts more as I get older but I'm 99% sure that's because of my answer to #1.

10. Do you tan? 
I use to all the time, hell I worked at a tanning booth but I swore that shit off over 5 years ago. The only tanning I do is faux tanning with my Loving tan 2-hour mousse! I did a whole post on it here and also today posted a picture on IG of how dark I look! It's literally THE BEST TANNING PRODUCT OUT THERE!!!

|| MAKE-UP ||

11. What foundation do you use?
I'm guilty of having about 10 in my collection but I honestly only use two 90% of the time. I should probably just toss the rest but I don't. My drugstore all time favorite is  L'Oreal Ture Match, the BEST drugstore option for medium to full coverage, no questions asked! My high end is hands down the Too Face Born this Way! I'll be wearing this at our wedding in the Mexican sun and it will look flawless! It lasts 12+ hours, has a dewy finish, but doesn't make you look sweaty and covers everything! I have a full review on it here if you'd like to see more pictures and how it covers. I wear this 2-3 times a week when I'm pretending to be Beyonce and be all flawless and shit at work.

12. What concealer? 
For every day wear I use the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Light. For full coverage when I have blemish's or I'm attempting to do the Kim K light under eye look I use my IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye concealer. That shit covers ANYTHING up!

13. Do you know your undertone color?
My face has a pink/cool undertone. I use to buy things that were warm and I would try to get that "tan" look and all I did was make my face look muddy and real dirty. Buy foundation that is your skin tone. Get matched. It's freaking free people!

14. What do you think of fake eyelashes?
LOVE them. They can transform your eyes or entire makeup look, they also show up SO much batter on camera in photos or video.

15. Assuming you use makeup brushes, how often do you wash them?
*crickets* once a month....*crickets* once every two months... *crickets* uhhh a few times a year? I'm SO guilty of not washing them enough! I try to give them a deep clean once a month, it usually ends up being every two months. I do spot clean them with makeup wipes every time I use them though...so that counts for something, right? My beauty blender I don't wash, I literally will just go buy a new one...I'm THAT lazy.

16. What brand of mascara do you use?
I've tried $2-$40 mascara and there are only two that tickle my pickle. I do one coat first of L'Oreal Telescopic mascara then I follow up with two coats of L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. This has been my routine for years now and every time I try something new I get super disappointed so I stick with what I know and love now!

17. Sephora or Ulta? 
Ulta, Sephora requires you to go INTO the mall and ain't nobody got time for that! Plus coupons yo, coupons.

18. Do you think setting sprays work?
Work, yeah I think they do. Are they God's gift to world, hell naw! I use Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray when I'm going out or to a function and I want my makeup to last through the night.

19. Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes? 
Yes, without SOMETHING on your lids for that shadow to stick to it just won't! I use to use the Urban Decay Primer Potion but after that sample ran out I now use the NYX shadow base or I bring the left over concealer from under my eyes up on my lid and wah-la, eye shadow primer it is!

20. Primer for the face? 
I use the Nivea Mens After Shave Balm as a moisturizer  which also acts like a primer for the face since makeup sticks to it so well. I've pretty much given up my old face primer (Benefit's POREfessional primer) or I'll use for special occasions, its just really expensive!

21. What is your favorite eye shadow (color or shade)? 
No one shade but my all time favorite palette is the Urban Decay Naked original! I've had mine for years and haven't hit pan on any of them. You can create SO many looks from one palette with 12 shadows it's amazing!

22. Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
I use pencil on my water line and either liquid or a felt tip for my wing. Although I still suck ass at liquid, I'm improving over time.

23. How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? 
Not too often I suppose?

24. What do you think of pigment eye shadows?
Meh. I have a few samples but I basically just mess around with them for fun, nothing serious.

25. Do you use mineral makeup? 
I use to use mineral foundation every day but I now I tend to use my Bare Minerals Original foundation on the weekends when I'm going for a more natural, light coverage look.

26. What is your favorite lipstick?
I love the NYX Round Lipstick's. They are so creamy and long lasting with a ton of color options and an amazing price tag. (My ALL time favorite is Thalia, hands down.)

27. Favorite lip gloss?
NYX Butter Glosses. I have 3 of just Creme Brulee! Along with another 7 different colors. The consistency is amazing, the color options have a huge range and the price tag is super affordable.

28. What is your favorite blush? 
To be fair, I'm not a huge blush fan. I think this is because of my pink undertones I don't normally like to bring out the pink in my skin. I do wear Milani Luminoso every day since it's so subtle.

29. Do you buy makeup on Ebay?
No. I buy anything and almost everything off Ebay but I never buy makeup. You just never know if something is new, real or what. I draw the line at trying to find a good deal on makeup that way.

30. Do you like drugstore makeup? 
faahhhh shoooo!

31. Do you go to CCO's (cosmetic company outlets) 
I've never been and it's never been a lust of mine. I'm good at using my points and coupons as needed and I know myself and would end up going nuts at a CCO just because things are cheaper!

32. Did you ever consider taking makeup classes? 
I almost went to cosmetology school when I was working at the hair salon but then realized I would have to touch peoples feet for pedicures and said hell to the no...literally, that's the ONLY reason why I didn't go. FEET ARE SICKKKKK!!!

33. Are you clumsy when putting on makeup? 
Only when I'm in a rush. Which is 90% of the time. So yes, yes I am! I've spelled almost a whole bottle of expensive foundation on a BRAND new white shirt. I run into walls, fall up stairs and trip over my own two feet. Applying makeup is no different, I'm a klutz!

34. Name a makeup crime you hate? 
Cake face, spider eyelashes, face mask, super thick winged eyeliner, orange foundation...the list goes on.

35. Do you like colorful shades of makeup? 
Many girls I watch on YouTube can pull it off, but with my blue eyes, I don't feel like I can as much. That's where you brown eyed girls win!

36. What celebrity always has great make up?
Celebrity's GET there makeup done BY someone else so really, THEY aren't the ones doing it so credit should not be given to them for always having great makeup! YouTube man, you tube has some amazing makeup gurus/artists on there. A few of my all time favorites are Jaclyn Hill, Nikkie Tutorials and Kandee Johnson. These are a few of the really big ones I watch but there are TONS and tons of others that do amazing work!

37. If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item, what would it be?
Mascara, my eyelashes are SO light it makes a WORLD of difference!

38. Do you think you look good without make up on? 
It's nothing to write home about but I know I'm pretty lucky to feel confident in my own skin. I don't have any major scars from acne and my overall skin tone is okay. I'm 100% okay with what I look like bare face. If you have watched my Snapchats or my vlogs on YouTube you will see me with no makeup on most of the time.

39. In your opinion, what is the BEST make up line?
In drugstore world I think L'Oreal or NYX. The price points are great and the quality is amazing. For a higher end, I LOVE Too Face and Mac probably the most.

40. What do you think of make up?
Makeup is an extension of who I am. I'm still the same loud and annoying mom of boys with or without it. Some days putting makeup on gives me a boost of confidence I've really been needing and other days it does nothing. It's amazing what makeup can do. During Halloween the tutorials on YouTube are RIDICULOUS! It can give women confidence within themselves and can be very empowering. If you are someone that wants to rock a full face of makeup every day, YOU DO YOU BOO! And if you don't want to put a drop on your face, that is 100% okay with me too, but when people, mostly women, talk down about someone because they have "too" much makeup on or "not enough" that is where the issues lie. And if you see me with makeup on at the gym it's probably because I'm too lazy to wash it off, remember question #1 or I just came from work, so stop talking smack about girls at the gym with a face full of makeup on, mmk!