Life Lately + the forever sickness + family time

Bronchitis took over my body. I'm not talking about the 'man cold', although you would have thought with all the complaining I did it was the man cold, I'm talking about I've been sick since before Tracen's 5th birthday. In true Chelsea form I dragged my feet about going to the doctor. Scratch that, going to urgent care because I don't even know who I picked out to be my PCP. I haven't seen a doctor in years, minus my OB that is. I just don't, I don't see doctors because I don't get sick. Sick enough to drag my ass there that is.

I normally get a bad sinus infection about twice a year that really knocks me off my feet. This is usually when Michigan weather acts like a whiny little bitch and my body

| Tracen and our newest nephew Charlie finally meeting |

I mostly suck it up, chug some a.m. cold meds and blow my nose a gazillion times which ultimately I look like Rudolph for about 3 weeks.

But then that's it.

I'm usually good and am back on my merry way.

This time was different. I got a sinus infection the week before Tracen's birthday and did the usual eat all cough drops like candy, drink 5000 ounces of water and carry a box of tissues around with me every where I go.

But it wasn't enough.

On day head cold/sinus infection just vanished. I woke up and I could actually breathe through my nose. However the morning after that I woke up and thought my lungs were going to fall out of my mouth as I coughed uncontrollably for what seemed like hours. 

One time when I was little I got strep and didn't know I had it and it got so bad it dripped down the back of my throat and my mom took me to the hospital because we thought my appendix burst I was in so much pain. 

| my niece Raegan at Tracen's birthday |

Thankfully I wasn't in that much pain. But when I started coughing, which was all the time, I was gasping for air and it sounded like major smokers cough (note: I don't smoke.) 

I spent Christmas morning sleeping at my moms in a lazy boy trying to get rid of the migraine I had from coughing so hard. We then drove to my grandma's house where I crawled into the twin size bed I grew up sleeping in for sleepovers. New Years Eve was here and we were having a small party at our house for family and friends. Everyone kept asking if I had gone to the doctor. My answer was still I'm working on it.

New Years day was upon us and I set my alarm for 8 am, Urgent Care opened at 9 and I will be damned if I spend hours at that place (I ended up spending 1.5, ugh) Just as we expected I had Bronchitis and the coughing had gotten so bad it was giving me migraines and even bruising my ribs. I went to CVS, grabbed the antibiotics, steroid's and inhaler and was on my way. It's been a week and while the cough is pretty much gone the amount of phlegm spewing from my mouth is straight up disgusting. 

| Family cough potato time |

One of my goals for this year is to pick a new PCP and go get a physical. This may sound like a ridiculous goal but I'm not someone that rushes to the internet or calls my doctor the first sign of a sneeze, I'm actually the opposite, as you can tell. I'd like to be someone that is somewhere in between, where I realize when it's time to go see the doc and not after I've been suffering for 4 weeks.

| THE best big brother I've ever seen |

I realize I just wrote an entire post complaining about how I've had bronchitis while there are much worse things going on in the world but as already mentioned, I'm quite the whiny betch lately, I'm sorry. If you follow me on Snapchat you would have know this though. I think every day I gave play by plays about how horrible I felt but then never did anything about it. I'm still not sure why Jerek is marrying me because I'm SO freaking stubborn! At least I threw in some really cute pictures from the last 3 weeks, that helps, RIGHT ???

Life lately has been hectic! I thought after Tracen's birthday and the holidays things would calm down but all that really happen was we packed up our Christmas decor and added more things on the to do list! Such is life I suppose!

If you've missed me here on the blog never yo fear, I've posted a few videos this past week so you can catch up there what I've been up to! A 2015 year in review, a capsule wardrobe how to, MY 37 piece capsule wardrobe and a new vlog from this past weekend! AND if you REALLY start to miss me here I'm always on Snapchat (@eastwillowgrove) or on Instagram (@eastwillowgrove).

I'll give you a teaser and tell you that I'll see you Thursday for a beauty post, stay healthy people!