Passport Photo Outtakes

On Monday I posted our weekend vlog and most people were dying over the photos I inserted from taking Skylor's passport photo. I wanted to tape the whole experience but I was using the camera I brought to video, to take the damn photo! You can watch the vlog here if you missed it.

You see we tried taking Skylor to get his photo taken a few weeks ago when we had Tracen's done. He screamed bloody murder and I started crying, proclaiming to all of SAMS Club that WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GO TO MEXICO! 

A bit dramatic, I know, but if you could have seen the freaking hoops we had to jump through to get a picture taken you would have cried to! I even asked the women if he could be crying in the photo...would they accept that. 

Can you imagine. Us going through customs and the guard looking at his passport photo. 

I'd probably get arrested right there for them thinking I kidnapped the kid, forced him to take the photo (which I had to) and then dragged him to Mexico. OUI!

I figured I would share all 30 somethin photos that didn't make the passport requirements, they are just too good to toss in a virtual trash can on my laptop.

If you even for the slightest moment think I'm over reacting picture this.

Jerek holding his phone playing Miles from Tommorrowland just above my camera, while I have a bag of chocolate cookies in the other hand, talking in a baby voice "look right here Sky! You're the cutest Sky! You want a piece of candy baby! Okayyy you gotta sit reallllllyyy good for mommy and daddy!!!!

This went on for 30 minutes.

I would snap a view, take my SD card out and let the girl look at what I got on her computer and see if they matched up to what the passport photo requirements require. They didn't do we would throw the SD card back into my camera and start all over. We also failed as parents and forgot the diaper bag at home so we used his beloved blankey to constantly wipe his face free from chocolate. However we couldn't let him hold on to the blanket or he would want us to pick him up. It was a grueling process.

But we did it. Now we just have to pray the passport people doesn't reject the photo and application that we just sent in because we have 8 weeks till the wedding!

Do yourself a favor and get your kids passport photos taken when they are still in your womb!