30 Before 30: Update

It's been awhile since my 30 before 30 post (here in case you missed it) and I figured I'd do a little check in, in case you were wondering how it's going that is! 5 months from today I turn 30, but who's counting anyway!

[Recap of the last post]

1. Get married (T-minus 2 months!)

2. Go to the beach in the winter

3. Take a hot air balloon ride

4. Read 10 books (MAJOR EFFING FAIL!)

5. Go to Lollapalooza in Chicago 

6. Make a baby blanket for someone

7. Go to NYC (Have been stalking KAYAK!)

8. Sky dive

9. Run a half marathon

10. Visit sleeping bear sand dunes (DONE!)

11. See a Broadway show (Hoping the stalking KAYAK might payoff?)

12. Camp {in a tent, under the stars...and not complain} (Happening Fathers day weekend, lord help me! No, help my family who we're going with!)

13. Meet Mary Kate and Ashley (hopefully someone sent them an invite to Mexico)

14. Drive a 2 seater car

15. Go to Disney/Book a trip to Disney

16. Rent a house/cottage for a week in the summer

17. Wear a bikini {mom goals guys, mom goals} (T minus 2 months!)

18. Take boys to Niagara Falls

19. Buy a DSLR camera (DONE! Have been shooting with it for awhile now)

20. Ski/snowboard & not cry (maybe if there was snow in Michigan-kidding, I love this weather!)

21. Go to a Oprah live show 

22. Pay credit cards off {and not use them!} (this might not happen till after the wedding)

23. Visit a winery (End of April for Christina's bachlorette party!)

24. Take a photography class

25. Volunteer at a shelter 

26. Fly first class 

27. Go to a Lions game

28. Transfer Blog over to Wordpress

29. Audition for a reality show {Amazing race, I need you in my life!} (watch this weeks vlog convo)

30. Start a garden {try to keep alive!} (DONE! More like a jungle!)

The list is moving, slowly but surely. I've only done some of these but do have some booked/planned this far. While I'm wishing I had more checked off my list some of these will happen in the upcoming months and even well into the year after I turn 30. Some of these I don't really care to do anymore or even do before I'm 30 but that's okay, they will stay for now. That is, until my 40 before 40 list comes out in July!

The point is is that things are happening and it's been amazing to document them as I check them off! I encourage you all to make a list of things you want to do in a time frame to try and achieve them. It helps with saving money, taking a better look at your priorities and planning. Cheers to the next 5 months of adventures!