THE Wedding in Mexico


[Photo by: Monroe Fox Photography]

The time has come, the time is now! We are leaving in the morning to Mexico! 

I have shared so much of our lives with you all and I wish that everyone could be in Mexico sharing this special moment with our family but alas, I am no millionaire! If you're a stalker like me (no shame in my social media stalker game!) I love following peoples stories so I'm giving you the opportunity to continue to follow ours while we are in Mexico! I'm sure I will be posting numerous amounts of droll worthy photos with captions that are ever so enticing on Instagram so make sure you follow along there. You can also look up the hashtag #lampinenlovestory to see anyone that is with us posts as well as follow my Snapchat for shenanigans at (username: eastwillowgrove) 

Thank you to everyone for the encouraging words, the advice and the outpouring love for me and the boys. Stay tuned for massive photo and videos upon our arrival home and yes if you're wondering, I'm filming and editing my wedding and entire trip myself! With the help of tripods, timers and a few people to push start and stop, it will be done!