A letter to our daycare on Pre-K graduation


Dear Daycare,

Sometimes the days can seem like a blurry mess.

I realize sometimes I'm the mess that walks through the doors, rushing to get rid of my kids and on to work. I walk in with 4 day old hair, and an outfit choice that has seen better days. With one kid on my hip screaming he wants to push the intercom button and the other one running to push it before him, just to piss the little one off.

Some days my eyes are blurry from tears of doubt. Are we even doing this right? A constant question that runs through my head.

Then there are days I'm full of life all because we had a good ride in. A successful morning of getting dressed with no arguing and lunches made the night before.

So here is to you, a big, never said enough, thank you.

Thank you for watching over both my boys. For making hand made gifts on holidays and making them feel special on days they don't.

For stopping me and asking if I'm doing okay, even though you can see through the tears in my eyes that some days I'm not. 

Thank you for welcoming us with open arms. For taking your Christian beliefs and values and not seeing us as some unwed couple but as a loving and caring family.

Tracen is timid but brave at the same time and can long board better than any five year old I know. He strives to win at games and sports but loves helping others win and feel that same excitement. Thank you for helping teach him that.

He helps Skylor during drop off and shows him how to be brave and that parents always come back. Sometimes getting his waffle and fruit set up for him and telling him he hopes he sees him on the playground. No matter how rushed I am in the morning these times are worth being late for. 


Tracen has made friends at school and has gone to birthday parties. Laughing at fart jokes and pretending to be Spiderman with his buddies. Thank you for bringing these kids into his life.



Thank you for teaching him Spanish, Italian and German, for teaching him songs accompanied by sign language. For teaching him the pledge of allegiance, to pray before he eats and why we really celebrate holidays.

Thank you for giving endless bags of ice and big bear hugs when he's fallen off jungle gyms and insists the scrapes are worse than they are.


Thank you for always saying hi in the morning even if I don't always answer back.

The forms have been signed and dropped off and just like that Kindergarten is here. While there are days we get excited that it's one less bill out of our pocket I become sad knowing we are leaving you.

You've done us well these last 5 years daycare! Your teachers hearts are in the right place, coming to work every day and caring for kids as if they were there own. I will forever be grateful for the teachers that have helped mold Tracen into the little human that he is and prepare him for this next stage.

And who knows, maybe we'll be back with another one later down the road!


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