Capsule Wardrobe: Spring Additions

If you're new to the capsule wardrobe you might want to watch this video 

and then this one

and then this one

Now that you're all caught up I wanted to share a few new pieces I've added to my Spring capsule wardrobe. A full video will be up next week but I wanted to share some of the new items in the mean time so you can snag them before they sell out!

I've been shopping a lot online lately, one thing I love is coming home to packages in the mail! I literally enjoy this more than heading to a store and purchasing things in person. I'm not sure what it is but it's so exhilarating! Okay, enough with my dramatics lets get on to the good stuff, the clothing!

For a capsule wardrobe you need to find pieces that fit into your wardrobe that you can mix and match easily. This usually means solid colors or easy patterns to work with. Tobi has been my go to for solid colors lately. I got a couple different dresses and rompers to spice up my spring wardrobe, now if only this damn weather in Michigan would corporate so I could actually wear them! You'll probably notice that olive or army green is a go to color for me lately, along with black and gray, I basically don't wear anything else.

Here are some recent pieces I've picked up to add to my Spring Capsule wardrobe (video coming this week showing you everything I'm wearing this spring.)

1. Flared Dress  |  2. Sweatshirt Dress  3. Stripe Tank (similar) 4. Basic Tee  5. Jumpsuit 

Since I stick to neutral colors when I want to add a pop or color or fun pattern I try and make sure I can work it into as many outfits as possible. Having a shirtcardigan or patterned dress that you can wear only once or twice because they are so loud is pointless. I'm the kinda girl that wants to be able to re-wear items over and over and not have people take much notice!

With the weather getting much warmer in the months to come I'm hoping I can squeeze my butt into a new cocktail dress, or maybe even a body suit with some shorts for a night out with Jer. I mean, that is asking a lot but hell I'm about to be 30, I need to rock this body!

Just a reminder, new customers of Tobi get 50% off their first order! Yeah FIFTY FREAKING PERCENT off your entire shopping cart for your first order! Check back later this week for a complete video of my closet! Happy Tuesday!