Friday Faves

(photo from mini golfing last night)

The feeling of coming home is like nothing in itself.

I was traveling all week for work and while having a little alone time is all great fun I was going out of my mind! I didn't know what to do with myself! I filmed a new video, edited and uploaded it in a day. Something that NEVER happens because #kids! If you haven't seen it you can watch it here. My easy everyday makeup look.

No one was bugging me for more milk, no one to ask me to play games with and no one to fall asleep next to. It's a very lonely feeling to be honest. I'm so used to being with the boys anything more than a day or two is very hard on me. Jerek was on ultra dad duty and killed it like always. Had kids to school on time, worked, played and kept them very happy.

This weekend we have one of my best friends son's first birthdays and that is really it! I want to get some cleaning and organizing done around the house because there are just piles of stuff to sell, donate and toss everywhere I turn (totally my fault!) Besides de-hoarding my house I want to spend some quality time at the gym, and not just at the pool lounging but getting my butt back into gear!


:| I've had my eyes on these and these Nike shoes lately. I want something I can wear to the gym but also with leggings or a pair of shorts that still say she looks semi put together when I leave the house in the summer.

:| I'm starting to plan Skylor's 3rd birthday coming up at the end of July. Last year we got "him" (hard to say just for him since it's for both boys) this trampoline and it's been amazing for the boys and anyone that comes over! I need to figure out what we should get him this year. I will probably get him this helmet since he's out grown his current one (and he loves dinosaurs) but I want to find him something special too!

:| I tweeted about having a flash sale of 40% off the entire site on Wednesday (it's over now.) I jumped on that train and bought a few items which I will show in a video once they arrive. For a preview I got this cute off the shoulder dress and this very basic gray maxi dress along with a few other pieces. I've already started tacking my order because ONLINE SHOPPING IS THE BEST!

:| Speaking of online shopping, I also got this lens that I'm excited to shoot with! I have 2 weddings I'm filming video for at the end of July so I want to test it out prior. Tracking says it should be here tomorrow so hopefully I can get this baby working this weekend! Stay tuned!

:| This weekend I'm hoping to try and make a few cold salads and a vegan chili that I've pinned to keep on hand for this next week and make our lives a little easier with lunches.

Leave any 3 year old birthday gift ideas below because I have no idea what to get the little munchin! Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather! PS. Katie, have your baby already girl ;)

xx Chel