5 Easy Ways To Save Money


Having kids is expensive! Living in a house full of boys is hella expensive considering they eat so.much.food! I'm also crazy enough that I want to bring more mouths into this house to feed so there's that.

Something I've prided myself on since I moved out of the house at 18 was being savvy on how I made money and also saves money. I'm REALLY good at spending money but I'm also really great at finding ways to cut costs. In college I would sell clothes, return bottles, work extra overtime, anything I needed to allow me to do the things I wanted to do. It's very easy to just cut certain things all out together for the biggest cost savings but I've always patted myself on the back that I was still able to enjoy life and do things that made me happy.

Today I wanted to share with you 5 easy ways I save money but still enjoy luxuries like manicures, cocktails and so much more!

I've become a pro at painting my nails at home. Sure I LOVE to get a mani/pedi from time to time but to shell out $30-$60 once a month or more is something I just can't do. If you want to see my nail polish collection and DIY storage rack you can see it here. Recently I've invested in this gel polish kit that doesn't break the bank and legit ANYONE can do it! It last a good 1-2 weeks before I start picking and peeling it off! Since I can't use regular nail polish for the gel kit I look for BOGO deals at Ulta, Sally's and Target to buy colors I wear all the time. I don't buy colors that I will wear "just" for fun, I invest in the colors I'll wear month after month IE: White, grays, black and reds. You can mix and match any brands with this kit so you are not limited to just buying this brand. I will splurge and get a pedicure a few times a year but 90% of the time I do these at home as well!

Trader Joe's is famous for its 3 buck chuck and Meijer has boxed Sangria that is about $12 for 3 liters! I love making wine spritzers with La Croix and a bunch of fruit in them! Not just because it taste is good but because it also makes the wine last longer. Taste and savings all wrapped into one! And we all want that wine to last longer don't we!

I love the way I look and feel when my skin is nice and golden. Tanning salons are not something I participate in any more, but I do love a great sunless tan! I can't believe the amount of time and money I spent in tanning beds, it's disgusting really. My go to for the last few years is hands down Loving Tan. I've done a whole post here on the color, application, and tips and tricks if you fancy a read. Save your money and your skin and stop going to the tanning booths and get yourself some Loving Tan! A bottle for me last a good two-three months! If you use the code 'eastwillowgrove' at checkout you get a free mitt (something you don't need to buy then too!)

I cut all the boys hair in this house. I've been cutting Jerek's hair since before I can remember and it was a natural thing for me to just keep it going with Tracen and Sky. Sky just got his first proper haircut this past weekend and he looks like a straight up little man, I can't handle it! I worked in a salon years ago as a receptionist and watched so.many.haircuts that I kinda just taught myself, along with the help of YouTube, duh. I use hair clippers with the 1 or 2 guard on for the back/sides and then I point cut the top for all three boys. With all the money I save on their 3 hair cuts every month I get my hair done at the salon about every 10-12 weeks, its a win win! I drag my hair appointments out so I'm not in the salon every 8 weeks, rock the roots baby!

Facials are amazing for your skin but can cost a pretty penny. I keep a few different masks at home on hand at all times so I can pamper myself while I lay on the couch worthless watching Netflix till 2am. I use this, this and this in my regular rotation and when I want to splurge I use this and this. As I age I realize how important skin care is and I'm no longer that 20 something year old that can go to bed with a face full of makeup on and not breakout like I use to be.

As you can see all of these things are luxuries, things you don't need to do to live but they sure can make put a smile on your face and make you feel like a human! Whether you're a broke college student or an exhausted mom doing things for yourself can give you a reset when times get tough. What is not needed is the cost that is associated with these expenses! Perhaps you use to get your nails done every month but are saving for a house, these are ways you can still have your cake and eat it too!