Weekend Wrapup


What a week it's been! Last Saturday night Skylor and Tracen were playing on the trampoline and Trace landed on top of Skylor and to make a long story short, I spent all day Monday between the doctors, X-Ray and ER. He is currently in a full leg, like up to his crotch, cast. We have an appointment Friday and are praying he can get a smaller cast then as long as everything is healing well. SO, our week has been a little chaotic trying to get things figured out as he won't be going to daycare for a month.

Thankfully I have this week off work so I'll be on super mom duty to make sure that guy is the happiest that he can be!

Speaking of Sky, his birthday is at the end of this month as I've mentioned! I've been trying to figure out what we're going to do since our back family room is still torn apart and don't really feel like hosting at our house this year. I started to look into parks but now I'm not sure if he'll have his cast off by then I just don't know what to do. I will probably wait till we hear from the specialist on when he will be cast free to maybe plan something. With it being the middle of the summer I know 99% of the pavilions will be booked so I'm thinking of popping up a few canopy/tent type things and just having it at the park so kids can play, we can enjoy some food and have it be low key. Can I just do that or do I need to check with a park? In my eyes it would be no different than me bringing a picnic lunch, right?...

Jerek started on the back room floor and we couldn't be more excited! He decided to go with a tile that looks like wood since its on a slab and concrete flooring currently. Here is a sneak peak, if you follow along on Snapchat you would have already seen it though (@eastwillowgrove)


Summer is in full swing and I'm jonesing for ice cream and Popsicles EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. I've bought cheap molds before and end up tossing them because they suck but these ones have gotten amazing reviews so I'm contemplating ordering them! (Anyone use them and have success??) We went to three BBQ's this weekend and I made these easy vegan pinwheels. I love me a good Minimalist Baker recipe and it seemed like everyone else did too!

I turn 30 on Friday and after Skylor's doctor appointment I want to go have a day date and drink cocktails on an outdoor patio somewhere. That's literally our favorite thing to do! Food, cocktails and good company, what could be better. My mom and Tom got me this great camera bag and oddly enough, without me saying anything I had been looking at this exact one last week! Great minds think alike.


This weekend was fueled by fireworks, friends and full bellies! Hope you had a great long weekend and if you are off this week as well, enjoy!