Favorite Podcasts

You've all heard me complain before about how much I loathe my commute to work before right?

And if you haven't HOW, HOW HAVE YOU NOT?!

I'm really rather annoying on Snap (@eastwillowgrove) about it the most. I'm always complaining and never really saying anything positive about it because honestly, who can be when you live 17 miles from work but it takes you almost an hour or more a day to get TO and then from work...

No one Susan, no one!

So lets get to the point here shall we!

Over the last few years I've discovered Podcasts and Podcasts have CHANGED.MY.LIFE. okay.

Not only have I gotten a TON of great business advice from them but I laugh and smile SO much on my way to and from work because of them! Laughing, smiling and driving to work never are usually in the same sentence for me so this shit is awesome.

Sometimes I wish I had my own Podcast but I have about a bajillion other projects going on right now I do not need to tickle my pickle with that too...right now that is...;)


With that being said I wanted to round up my 5 favorite Podcasts and hopefully you check them out, because I know you will laugh, learn something or be inspired by some if not all of them!

One of my favorite fellow bloggers, Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential, and her soon to be husband, Michael Bosstick recently started a Podcast that airs every Tuesday. The podcast was started as a place to get answers from both a guy and girl on branding, blogging, entrepreneurship, travel and social media. However I find myself laughing so fucking much because they banter back and forth just like Jerek and I do, have been together almost as long as we have and are getting married in Mexico as well. While I've learned a ton of tips and tricks from them I honestly love the fact that I feel like I'm driving with friends to work on Tuesdays!

I recently discovered Jackie Schimmel from Lauryn having her on her Podcast and just like Lauryn, I was dying of laughter listening to Jackie! I then went on a binge listening spree and this girl is FUNNY! She use to work on The Chelsea Handler show so her sense of humor is right up my alley. She is a Real Housewives fanatic and knows just about everything there is to know about all the seasons. She interviews tons of celebs, comedians and "socialites" and tells it like it is. She's raw and blunt, just how I like it! You may not learn how to make a homemade apple pie, but you will laugh for an entire 45 minutes wanting more more MORE!

Guys, if you are currently watching The Night Of on Netflix the Serial Podcast reminds me SOOO much of this Podcast! Serial is a Podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig, also a great podcast! It unfolds a true story over the course of the whole season as it follows the plot, characters and real thoughts that she processes as she unfolds the story. I loved listening to this while working out or on the way to work. Some days I was late getting into work because I would sit in my car to finish it, it was just SO good!

Jess Lively is a Michigander and Ann Arbor resident. She moved to Chicago when she started her own Jewelry line, then off to Austin where she use to blog and ultimately where she started her Podcast, The Lively Show. TLS is a weekly podcast that is designed to uplift, inspire and add a little extra intention to your everyday life. Literally, this is her mantra that she says before each episode and I always leave each episode feeling just that! It's a really nice and easy podcast to listen to, a feel good one and one where you can see she tries so hard every day to live life with intention and meaning.

The Podcaster of Podcasts, Pat Flynn is amazing! It's like a Ted Talks Podcast but he's crazy relatable! He has a wife and two kids and is a awesome business man and serial entrepreneur! A lot of my business knowledge, advice and tips and tricks I've learned from him! He has an killer blog called The Smart Passive Income, which is where the podcast stemed from. On his blog he gives you business advice and how to get ahead of the curve with your online business or blog. On the Podcast though, he brings in tons of other entrepreneurs (men and women!) and they together discuss an array of topics on how they got started, secrets to making money and how to be a better entrepreneur, its amazing! There are hundreds of episodes so you will never be bored! In fact I go back and listen to some of my favorite ones time and time again and continue to learn something new every time!

There are a ton of other Podcasts that I bop around listening too from time to time but these 5 are my absolute favorite! They really get me through my commutes to work, through the boring ass days in the office and through my cardio at the gym.

So I hope you have discovered a new Podcast, or five to start listening too! What Podcasts do you love? Leave a comment below on any not mentioned, I'd love to find more and check them out!

xx Chel