An Auburn Hills Wedding

{photo cred: Mollan Photography}

Kindergarten is crazy ya'll, crazy!

I'm over here thinking I'm super women getting the new shop ready to open, edit wedding videos and then get ready to shoot more weddings that I'm that mom rushing to get to pick up before Trace walks out the door, looks around and is on the verge of crying that I'm not there and "have forgotten about him." Mix in soccer, busy work schedules and watching Ray Donovan, man I'm exhausted!

It happened once so far that I was like 3 min late and he stood next to the wall where all kids stand that their parents are running late. They look around like sad puppy dogs that need to be adopted, waiting, patiently waiting. He hasn't let me forget it either.

UGH! Anywho. I'm back, I'm here with SO much great stuff going on! First off, the new shop will be open Friday. I've been trying to pretend I'm a HTML coder, a graphic artist, the USPS and SO.MUCH.MORE. BUT it will be open Friday, SO that is exciting!

Next! A new wedding video is up take a peak!

As the summer was winding down at the end of August I went out to Auburn Hills to capture Candace and Joe's wedding! We all went to high school together and it was like a mini reunion seeing everyone there to celebrate together! The day started off with a little rain but it dried up later on and they were able to take photos outside for a bit. One of my favorite things about their wedding was they had one of their best friends marry them. It was so refreshing to hear someone that actually knew them personally speak about them. If you didn't know, this was the exact reason why we had Jerek's dad marry us! 

Enjoy the video and come back on Friday for a view of all the new clothing items!