East + Willow The New Shop


I finally got the site set and all figured out, for now until I want to do something and need to learn more coding and am up till 2am trying to figure it out.


This has been a process! I've been working on the site for a few months now. You know, in between shooting and editing weddings, running the current shop on Etsy, working corporate life and trying to manage mom and wife life.

I sleep, I promise. Just not a ton.

But I love it.

Like blogging, YouTube and all other things in life, I've taught myself everything needed to make the shop legit. I got my LLC finally all set up, have been learning the back end/coding of the site, editing photos and ordering merchandise.

East + Willow started off on Etsy and I'll continue to have it open because as I mentioned before, the advertising is huge on there and business is BOOMING! (200 orders just this last month!) However, a few months back I talked about how I've always wanted my own shop, store, boutique, whatever word you fancy. I am always making new shirts but I wanted to also bring in items that I'm not making which means they can't be sold on Etsy.

Lets back track.

Since having kids my style has changed. I realize this is only half of because I had kids. I mean I'm 30 now and I definitely don't dress like the 24 year olds do, or do I? That can be debatable I suppose. Especially when I'm slumming it in an old high school sweatshirt and leggings and people think I'm 16.

This last year I've been embracing more of a capsule wardrobe type style and basically not buying anything that is on sale at Target and Forever 21, JUST BECAUSE. I want to really love the clothes I'm spending my money on and get a ton of use out of them!

When I knew that I wanted to take the store beyond tee's I started looking at clothing items that I would wear. The items I'm starting the store off with are comfortable but cute! You can bum around the house in with some leggings or you can throw a pair of jeans and heels on to grab dinner with your girlfriends. Everything is under $50 and it's most definitely not crop top, snug as a bug in a rug fitting! I wanted tops that could be worn in the early stages of pregnancy, when you don't want to tell people you're pregnant yet but also that would fit after having kids. One of the hardest feelings after gaining any weight is the stress that nothing fits or you don't like how your new body looks. I want you to feel great in the items you purchase and rock on your mom body days and months later!

So meet East + Willow's new site

Like I said, you will still find all the tee's I make for the entire family as well as new additions from tops, to dresses, jackets and more! I started out with some of my favorite pieces and will be constantly updating the shop with new arrivals! The best way to watch for new items is by following on the stores Instagram (@eastandwillow).

I've spent a ton of time, energy and brain cells figuring out colors, coding, shipping, manufacture purchasing, logistics and so much more! I'm excited to take the store further and I hope you are too! Thank you to everyone I've asked for input these last few months, for all the past and present customers and most importantly to Jerek, for always believing in me, giving me advice and for telling me to go to bed and get some sleep!