13 years


7 months into our marriage seems like nothing compared to the last 13 years of dating. From a young and feisty 17 year old to an older and even more tenacious 30 year old, here we are. The years have flown by but the memories are so fresh in my head, it's like they always say, it feels like it was yesterday.

As we embark on the 13th year of this relationship; probably the one that I'm THE most excited about, as 13 is my lucky number after all, I'm excited to see where we go as a family. I'm hoping it expands and grows, that we travel more and worry less. I want to go to places we've never been before and do things we've only dreamt about. Most importantly I want to keep laughing, keep loving and keep putting each other first.

Thank you for loving me just the way I am.
For being understanding, when I'm loosing my damn mind.
For mowing the lawn, lord knows that ain't my jam.
For reeling me back in when I'm headed off the deep end.
For doing double parent duty while I travel for work, go out with the girls or need some alone time.

Thank you for choosing me.
For being a fabulous father and a fantastic husband.
For helping me film, posing in photos and helping pack orders.
For allowing me to peruse my dreams and not holding me back but rather there right along with me.

Thank you for the last 18 years of friendship, 13 years of dating and 7 months of marriage. Cheers to the next 100 years, hopefully my tits will still look as great as they did when I met you back in 7th.

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