2016 Year In Review

(photo credit: Monroe Fox Photography)

Last year I shared a video recapping the year. Today you get a post. I'm full up to my ears of editing and one more video might push me over the edge.

2016 started off as a race to get things accomplished before the wedding. It began as a hail marry to save money, spend wisely but live fully.

I had goals for 2016. Some were met, others were not. And that's okay, they are goals for a reason. Things you try to achieve and reach towards but if you don't, you are none the less worse off than you were when you started.

We flew down to Mexico with our hearts full. 10 days with our closest family and friends celebrating the one thing that was most important.


2016 has been a great year. We've worked hard to get promotions and raises at our jobs. We celebrated friends and family getting married and expanding their families as well. Equality for all relationships was an amazing thing to witness mid-year!

We took a kids free trip to Nashville to celebrate Jerek's birthday and spend a few days not slinging sandwiches or whipping someones ass. It was a much needed refresher for our relationship, something we probably need to do more often! We went to Colorado to spend time with family and were able to catch up with old friends and see the beauty of the mountains.

We both turned 30, Skylor turned 3 and Tracen turned 6. All memories that have flown by way too fast if you ask me. I solidified the shop and became a business owner, Jerek started managing others at work, Tracen became a kindergartener and Skylor a preschooler. It was a busy year of new beginnings. 

I've become obsessed with living with less and traveling more. Being more spontaneous than ever and documenting memories as they are before you. I've captured many other couples big days through video and helped couples propose with my shirts that went viral on Pinterest one day.

While 2016 was good for our family it has been hard in other areas. Politics, fertility and death have been common words that we've struggled with in our house. I'm trying to have more patience and do less yelling when it comes to the kids. To find balance among my jobs, hobbies and businesses when at home. To be happy and grateful in the moment and not constantly searching for what is next.

Cheers to 2016 a year of memories, tears, laughter and hope. I welcome you 2017 with all of the challenges you may bring and the memories that we will make.