Catch up

The white noise in blog land has been heavy lately huh. When I say the last few weeks have been busy I mean THEY.HAVE.BEEN.BUSY!

But honestly, don't you hate when people say that, like DUH WE'RE ALL FREAKING BUSY!

So sorry for saying that.

Moving on!

The shop has been crazy lately but its been amazing, no real complaining there! If you are following on Snap or IG stories you'll know that because I usually chat with you while I'm in the basement filling orders. A HUGE thanks to everyone for all the love from Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, that shit has been NUTS!

I've been busy printing shirts, wrapping merchandise and trying to get to the post in time for last pick ups. Doing this all while working a full-time, attempting to be a great mom, wife and friend has been a little tricky. Sorry to any friends or family in advance, or I guess not so in advance. I suck.

Oh and as if I wasn't already overbooking myself this month; something I love to do, I decided to do Vlogmas over on my YouTube channel, OUI! Vlogmas is vlogging every day in December (or some just do 25 days, but I'm doing the whole month).

I've been nostalgically watching old videos and missing all the vlogs I had time to do. There's been a lot of life changing things that have been happening to friends and family close to us and it's been pulling on my heart lately. I wanted to make sure I'm getting back to where I started, the roots, the recording of our everyday lives. It started so casually as documenting my life living from the very beginning and I feel like I've been pulled in so many directions (while good directions, but all different ones) that I haven't been capturing nearly as much as I'd like to.

So this month I'm bringing it back to the basics.

Didn't Brittany say that? Maybe not.

This weekend we went to the tree farm we went to last year and picked out a cute little baby tree with some of Jerek's family. I dunno why but I wanted a smaller one this year. This however resulted in the tree stand we already had being too big for the little tree we got and Jer had to DIY that shit, nothing a tree skirt can't cover!

We are 16 days away from Tracen turning 6 and my mind body and soul just can't handle. I guess that's another post for another day though. Last night after bath time the boys were running around screaming, playing and laughing hysterically. I tried to reel myself back from being a party pooper and making them calm down before bed because they were so cute and having fun. They were acting the way I had dreamed about years and years ago when I wanted to be pregnant again. Laughing and playing together like best friends do.

Then the noise stopped and we found this. Sky was begging to sleep in bubbas (Tracen's) bed.

Before I get too sappy and start crying I bid you farewell for today that is!

Don't forget, if you want to see what we're doing ever day this month come over and watch us in real life, or as real life as 7-10 min of a 24 day hour can be!

Click HERE to watch the first 4 days in case you've missed it.

xx Chel