2017 Goals


In 2016 I set some goals and I had been meaning to check back and hold myself accountable but really didn't. We got married, we went to weddings, we traveled, we had hard times, we had good times and well, life happened and I never really went back to them. Until today, today I went back and thought, what the hell was I suppose to try and do this last year again?

Looking back on the 5 things I wanted to try and accomplish this last year I did okay, not my best, not my worst.


1. Run a 10k- does running a 10k over 365 days count? Right. Perhaps next year then. (FAIL)

2. Go see Megan's new baby-I almost hit the purchase button about 10 times but couldn't because the flight times/prices were just not working out. But I'm coming for you Jaxy boo! (FAIL)

3. Fill up my calendar with weddings/events- it was full, that was for sure! I pretty much shot and edited From May-November and this year is already shaping up nicely! (ACCOMPLISHED)

4. Solo dates with just one child-this happened but sort of didn't at the same time. I didn't take purposeful time to take each child out to do something fun all the time but more so I took each child out to run errands and have one on one time. Sure there were days we did fun things and it was with just one child but I really wanted to be better about this. There's always next year! (SEMI ACCOMPLISHED)

5. Donate every month- I donated my fair share of clothing, shoes, bags, household items, makeup, toys, etc but I really wanted to donate money and time as well. I'm hoping we can keep this going into this new year. (SEMI ACCOMPLISHED)

So that leads us to now, January 2017 and what goals I want to
 work towards.


TRAVEL- This isn't towards a specific location it's just in general. We have a big 2 week trip planned in March that I'm looking forward to but I want to make sure we take small trips too. Michigan is beautiful and there are so many amazing little towns to visit and places to go!

HEALTH CONSISTENCY-This relates to all aspects of being healthy. I want to stay consistent with my water intake, my juicing/green smoothies, more whole/raw foods, less processed vegan foods, more consistent exercise, better sleeping habits and vitamin taking. I get on these great waves of being healthy but there's always a hiccup. Because I'm an all or nothing gal I like to go hard on the health and wellness train

DEBT-Lower it. I'm not saying get rid of it because I don't think it will happen this year (I'll be trying though!) The goal is to lower it in hopes of getting rid of it sooner rather than later! Try and not take on any new debt and work on lowering and getting rid of the current debt, that's the goal!

EXPAND-This holiday season really showed me how crazy the growth of the shop has gotten! It's been absolutely amazing but I want to take it further! I have more ideas, more products, more marketing, and more things that I want to do this year! So be on the look out for all things East + Willow related! (Follow along on Instagram for updates too!) Lastly, the whole shop is 10% off right now using the code "THANKYOU" at check out!

SCHEDULE-With all the things mentioned above and adding in corporate work life, motherhood and that wife life, I desperately need to get a better schedule down! This holiday season I was doing so much editing, printing, shipping, advertising, etc that I didn't give myself a second to chill and then I would lose my shit on the kids or Jerek. I need to figure out when to do emails, the marketing and advertising, the editing, the order fulfillment, etc. I know personally when my day is planned out and I know what needs to be accomplish in a certain time frame I'm much better off.

All 5 of these goals are pretty broad and open and that was done on purpose. I'm hoping that by leaving them open I don't put too much pressure on myself but they still give me a challenge and something to strive for daily.

What are your goals or plans for 2017? Anyone with me on any of these things?!