It's Friday, can I get a wahooooo! Points if you said it like Vicky from the Real housewives!

Somehow this week was one that went by fast. I like those kind of weeks. Perhaps it was all the coffee I consumed to make it through the week? Probably. Also, 13 is my lucky lucky number and Friday the 13th's are ALWAYS my favorite days of the year so double wahooooo!!!

Jerek was in Colorado till late Monday night slash really Tuesday morning so Monday was a day of running around from school to school to work to back to school and back to the other school. I was dead by the time I got home so we most def posted up on the couch all together and ate dinner like some slob kabob couch potatoes. I wasn't mad about it oneeee bit! #exhausted

I finally took down all the Christmas decorations and have slowly been cleaning and putting the house back together. We're so close to having the family room done I've been trying to finish up with some of the last pieces of decorations. Once finished I'm going to have a full room tour because hi, I love those and I loooovvveee this back room! 

I've been eyeing this coffee table or this one but Jer doesn't really want a glass top, can you say little kid finger prints. Also, I think I'm the last person on the planet to find out that H&M has a home section? We have this open blank wall in the family room that I'm trying to figure out if I want a big piece of art, a mirror like this one or a gallery wall. Decisions, decisions! I'm also obsessed with these planters but they are a tad bit expensive so perhaps I can convince Jer to whip these up for me, wink wink!

Last night I made these fabulous sweet potato & lime taquitos for Jer and I, spoiler alert, they were amazing! They are also vegan and gluten free and will be made again, that's for sure! I also pinned this crunchy chickpea recipe the other day and want to make it this weekend in an attempt to curb my salty chip cravings lately.

I've been going through my closet again, purging like crazy but also investing in some new pieces. Many of my staples are getting worn out and need to be replaced so I'm biting the bullet and spending more than $3.90 on some leggings from Forever21, ugh.

+ Dying for these moto leggings, biker chic but still rocking leggings like a boss + great quality
+ Need these slides so hard but hashtag Michigan winter
+ Still searching for the perfect white tee with a spin on it, kinda liking this one

If you're new here on Fridays we do pizza, every Friday, we get or make it. We call them Pizza Party Fridays and they are holy days in our house. It's been this way for 6+ years and I actually get anxious if people ask us to do something on a Friday night because that night is scheduled for pizza and I don't like changing that up very often. Maybe one day I'll make matching t-shirts and we will all wear them, if I can convince Jer to ;)

Anywho, if you are slamming your face full of pizza tonight, we'll be doing the same thing so pizza cheers from me to you!

Happy three day weekend!