A while back I did a series called hump day confessions. It was a big ole post about anything under the sun. It was random but I really liked it. I got rid of it when I started having Wedding Talk Wednesdays while planning the wedding. Since that has finished up I wanted to bring the Wednesday chats back. This time with a new title, but same feeling.

New title: Kaffeepause

The German to English translation, coffee break!

I want it to feel like you're meeting me at a coffee shop and we're just shooting the shit. The real way to my heart is through caffeine if you don't know me well enough by now. These conversations will involve anything from what I'm eating to the Hollywood drama I'm so far behind on. To the new YouTuber I discovered to those new shoes I'm loathing over. To how hungover I was the other day or how I haven't showered in 4 days and DFAG.

Now that we have that all laid out lets get chatting! We have 30 days till be arrive in Europe and I can hardly hold back from starting to pack. I enjoying making lists and getting everything ready for a trip so this wait is slightly killing me. I got these packing cubes a few weeks ago that I'm hoping keep us organized; thats the plan at least.

Oh, did you hear? Nasty Gal is going out of business and everything online is 70% off? I'd tell you to go place an order but literally everything is almost gone, its insane. You know who else is going out of business, American Apparel. Apparently in 2009 they filed bankruptcy and then again in 2013 and haven't made a profit in years, who knew! So if you need any body suits, or tight tee's stock up now because rumor has it all the equipment and product inventory is going to be owned by our Canadian friends and possibly relocated. I know all this from being in the T-shirt business as I use to print on American Apparel tees but hated how tight they were on my post kid mom bod.

I posted a lost footage video from Christmas Eve if you haven't watched it yet. I'm really rather embarrassing in it because I drank some fireball and champs the night before Christmas and paid for it the next day. G-ROSS. I'm backlogged with some other old vlog footage that will be up Monday for your viewing pleasure if you're interested.

This weekend I'm having a girls weekend with my mom, aunt and moms friend at the same bed and breakfast/scrapbooking place we go every year. I think this will be my 4th year going! I love sneaking away from the boys for a weekend getaway with my mom but am bummed I'm missing our friends wedding that happens to be the same weekend.

Here is a throw back video from the first year I went, then here is the 2nd year. Sadly I didn't film last years but perhaps I'll do a new vlog this year, we'll see.

I think I've talked enough and my coffee is getting cold so until next kaffeepause!