Sickness Loves Company


It's been a rough two weeks.I got strep.Tracen got a virus.Then his ear drum burst.That shit is something I don't wish upon anyone. He is in SO much pain.His 6 year old molars started coming in.Again, SO painful.I got rid of strep.YAY!Then got the same virus Tracen has.Sky had a bad fever and cold for about 24 hours but now he's just a snot ball, but a happy snot ball.Jerek's pretty much managed to get out Scott free (knock on wood for him. and for me. I don't have time for a man cold)And here I am on day 15 of popping pills trying to get this shit out of me.But I'm on the mend, I'm feeling about 75% better so it's all good.Wow, that sure is a lot of complaining huh. I apologize because honestly, there are far more important things to talk about then how I feel like I have a newborn right now. Words like Trump, Devos, immigration, fertility, death, lord the list goes on.Barf.I'm always trying to complain less but sometimes when you feel and look like garbage one can only spew garbage. We're going to stop with the complaints now though, promise. swear, cross my heart.This weekend I have a bachlorette party to go to on Saturday. I haven't been to one in a while. I think the last one was in May for Christina's in Traverse City. Did you watch that video? Here ya go if you missed it.

Speaking of, my/our parentachlorette party was about exactly a year ago! If you missed that video, here ya go! Probably the most flattering picture of me and my sister in law you'll ever see. Actually, we tend to look like this a lot when together.I can promise you though, I will NOT be drinking fireball this weekend. Especially after this past Christmas eve fiasco.LAWD GIVE ME STRENGTH.To be honest, I don't know if I'll make it past 10pm, we'll see though I guess!I'm not sure what this post really is but merely just a hey, hi, we're alive! If you read this and are worried the germs will some how come through your mobil device and into your soul I don't think they will. But if they do, do NOT send me your medial bill, I've got enough doctor bills on my debit card in the last two weeks than needed.Shit, I'm complaining again aren't I.Okay, so not to sound like I'm complaining lets leave it at a grateful comment instead, I HAVE INSURANCE, something I didn't have for at least 5 years!Okay, I'm signing off now, I'm a mess.