I think I've finally beaten this sickness that has consumed my life for the last 3 or more weeks. No thanks to the doctors prescribing meds that work, that's for sure!

Last weekend was we had plans to go snowboarding with the kids and my mom and Tom but the weather was about 44 degrees here in Michigan so we had a change of plans. We headed to Mt. Holly Rec Park and did a 3 mile trail hike. Stupid me forgot the backpack carrier so we were hoping Sky would walk the whole thing. He did so so well and I think I only carried him for a total of 20 min which was mostly at the end when he fell asleep on my back. Of course it was on the way up a steep hill but hey, I got some major cardio in that day!

We're getting ready for the trip trying to figure out sites we want to see, places we want to visit and places we want to eat. I think I mentioned recently I finally jumped on board and got an Amazon Prime membership and have been loving it! I honestly got it for the free 2 day shipping but then found out there are a ton of shows, movies and music you can watch and listen to on the app or on your smart TV.

On Tuesday I ordered these packing cubes that I've heard so many bloggers and travel vloggers saying they helped made packing so much easier. I figured anything to help keep our shit together for two weeks! I've also been meaning to grab a portable charger because my phones are ALWAYS dying! (I have a work phone always on me as well and neither are ever charged.) A fellow blogger said she has this one and can get 5 full phone chargers out of it before it needs recharging, so I threw that in my cart too! Not only can I charge my phones but anything that uses a USB cable cord (our iPads, KindlesGoPro, my new vlogging camera, extra batteries, etc.) If my email is right, the order is at home waiting for me, I sure do love this free fast shipping! Oh! I also got this car oil diffusor, necessary right? Right. I'm hoping it helps me chill out while driving home but also takes the dirty little boy and stinky feet smell my car seems to take over!

I've been working on editing some videos that have been sitting in my computer from these last few months and hopefully those will be done soon. Part of me thinks why post the video of Christmas and Christmas eve, its 6 weeks ago but then I remember I don't really care how long ago it was, it's the memories that matter. Speaking of videos, I posted a wedding video that I shot from last fall about a month ago if you care to watch!

Detroit shirts and engagement shirts are selling like mad, I can't keep them in stock these days! It's so fun to see people send me photos or tag me in their pics of them rocking their gear, my heart is happy! I'm wearing the Detroit Proud shirt in a unisex small (for reference.) PSST: A little birdy told me that there will be some other cities coming to the shop soon so keep your eyes peeled if you don't live in Michigan! Oh and for all you newly Valentines day engaged folks, there is a 10% code for you to use if you like! Use code 'engaged2017' at check out here!

I just got back into selling items on Poshmark so if you are interested in what is leaving mine and the boys closet, take a peak here! If you are local shoot me a message and I can remove the listing and drop off to save you shipping costs. I have used Poshmark in the past back but there was so many glitches I left it and sold stuff in person or on other sites. Now that they have fixed the site/app I'm really loving how user friendly it is. I have SO many more items to list between the boys and I, I just need to find some time this week!

In case you're wondering the magic number is 32. Thirty two days till we head to Europe for two weeks! I literally want these days to go by so so fast I can not WAIT! We just booked our Airbnb in London and Paris last night and the locations are fabulous and for a great price! I'll share reviews of the locations after we've been there, good or bad so stay tuned for that!