Dry shampoo: High: Living Proof Blast Low: Batiste | Gel Nail Polish- gel polish pack | Toner: Witch Hazel | Moisturizer: Kopari Coconut Oil (10% off your first order) | Purple Shampoo/Conditioner- High: Kevin Murphy Low: Loreal vegan line | Chapstick: Smith's Rosebud Salve | Self Tanning: Loving Tan (use code 'eastwillowgrove' for a free mitt at checkout) | Bronzer: Kat Von D palette | Foundation: IT Cosmetics CC foundation | Concealer- Shape Tape 

Over the past year I've been working on reducing the amount of products I buy. I was a classic product consumer due to all the YouTube reviews and vlog watching. Some days if Desi Perkins swore by a certain primer I was trying that sucker out the next day.

I started to realize that so many items I was buying didn't help my dry skin, or blonde hair or fit my complexion. I was buying to buy and then spending time to return, what a headache! After awhile it got old and I realized I needed to start investing in products that actually worked for me. Slowly I started finding others that had my skin type, my coloring or had blonde hair. Then if I was still interested in that product I would search for other reviews and get it if I was still was interested in it.

Don't get me wrong, I love testing out new products, I mean, do you follow me on Snap or IG stories, I swear that's all I talk about some days! In fact I have a whole list of items to buy when we're in Paris from friends because the French really know their beauty products! After months of not buying new products and using the ones I had up, I started figuring out what products really worked for me.

Today I'm sharing my 10 favorite products in case you're in the same situation I was in. So if you have dry, fair skin, tend to have hormonal breakouts or have fine, dyed or blonde hair, these products might work for you too! Now, I'm not saying "go buy everything I mention!'' because as I said above, its a black hole that you don't need to fall into! What I do want to share are products that I have repurchased time and time again that I love and many are vegan and/or cruelty free! You've probably heard or seen me talk about these on Instagram, YouTube or here on the blog so some of these won't be much of a surprise.

Where it applies, I've included my high end and drug store favorites (also linked above) if possible so a mixture of price points mentioned. Before I forget, if you can, order things online and have them shipped to your house or pick up in store. I say this because you can use your Ebates account on TOP of online discounts that you can't do in store! Make sure you have the Ebates logo downloaded on your computer and click it before you start shopping and it will automatically put a % of your sale into your account just by making purchases! I believe there is an app you may use as well (is there anything that DOESN'T have an app these days!)

Anything that I didn't mention that you think I MUST try out?