Last year about this time I was explaining how excited I was to head to Mexico, get married, and finally be done wedding planning. I'm here to say that I'm even more excited for this vacation than I was for our wedding!

Ya, you heard me right. I've said it before, having a destination wedding is by far, THE best decision we've ever done. There's no way you would be able to change my mind even if the Kardashian's offered to cover the bill and get married in Michigan! Planning a wedding, big small, local or destination is stressful though so I was happy to have that type of planning over with.

This vacation took a ton of time and research like the wedding did but I had a blast doing it! It involved a lot more logistics and with zero help of a travel agent, just how I like it! (my wedding travel agent was the WORST if you haven't heard me say it a million times by now!) Perhaps it's my background working in Supply chain and logistics that made me enjoy this so much? #nerd

Traveling locally and internationally is so high up on my list of priorities on how we spend our money, I'm thinking the next house we buy we go smaller. This way we have more money to travel and less house we need to take care of. Jerek is probably reading this and thinking WTF you already want to move, I JUST finished the back living room! He'll get over it though, I promise.

So here we go! Tomorrow we drive our rental car to Toronto, take a 10 pm red eye flight to London and get there at 9 am where all the fun begins! 3 flights, 1 train, 1 car rental, 4 Airbnb/hotels and traveling with a 3.5 and 6 year old for 2 weeks; challenge excepted, memories in the making!

If you want to follow along on Instagram stories for daily snippets and lots of photos please do, otherwise you will be able to watch the travel vlogs after we return.

Catch ya later!