Top of the mornin and Happy St. Patrick's day! 

Today I'm being a lame responsible adult & am at work all day and not drinking green beer, boring!

No worries though, pizza party Friday will commence later, accompanied by green beer so all is well.

This week has been pretty blah, work, school pickups, making dinner, watch Netflix till be peel ourselves off the couch because we've stayed up too late. We are actually running out of things to watch and resorting to *gasp* waiting for new episodes to come out weekly!


We leave Tuesday afternoon for Toronto (where we are flying out of) so this weekend we will be getting packed and ready to leave for two weeks. EKK! I don't think my excitement could get much higher than it already is. We all desperately need a break from life right about now. Jerek and I from work and the kids from the cold weather and to unplug.

This winter has been a weird fucking mess. We've been crazy sick and cooped up indoors I just want to turn the electronics off, get outside and SEE STUFF! I know, really intelligent word usage right. I'm so excited for the kids to see bridges, and churches, and art, and statues, and so much more! I might be the most excited to eat and drink without a care in the world for 14 days and 3 cities. Did I mention I'm in a weight loss challenge at work for 6 weeks?

Yeah, this trip probably won't be helping me win that upon returning.

The point of this trip is to not only regroup as a family and away from the electronics, but to show the kids what else is out there. My plan is to do a big trip like this once a year, to keep the kids engaged and centered around family, travel and culture; 3 of the most important things in my mind.

Some of my favorite memories revolve around trips with family and friends. I went to Disney World when I was 10 and 15, to San Francisco, to Myrtle Beach, to Toronto, to Cancun, Cozumel, Germany, France and Switzerland. I went up north to cabins with friends, to indoor water parks to Cedar Point and I'm sure other places my mother will remind me that I have missed. My goal is to do this but more and start them younger. The more kids see, the bigger their eyes, brains and hearts get. The more they want to see the world, locally and internationally.

I'm excited to document it all via video so follow along on Instagram for photos and day to day short videos there. Full travel vlogs will be uploaded on YouTube shortly after we are back so subscribe over there and stay tuned!

Happy Friday, happy weekend, happy St. Patrick's day, whatever tickles your pickle!