Every year I try and think of something that would benefit me and give it up for Lent. Some years I do it, some I don't. In the past I've given up coffee, alcohol, fast food, candy, etc; pretty standard things when it comes to what people give up.

This year I'm changing it up though and I decided to give up complaining.

Yes, you read that correctly. More specifically complaining about myself.

Every day I bitch and moan to Jer and sometimes to more than just him about how I don't like the way my clothes fit, what my belly looks like, how tired I am, how dry my skin is, how I wish I was more organized, the list goes on really.

So I thought I'm going to do something about it. I'm so sick of hearing myself complain about this shit I can only imagine what the others hearing it must think. 

In attempt to do this, I'm going to exercise every day. Wash my face and brush my teeth every night before bed, so many nights I just crash and don't do this, it's so bad! I'm going to drink more water and go to bed earlier. I'm going to DO things instead of complaining about them. 

Exercising every day can mean many things. Such as taking a spin class (I legit almost died last night at one), to a long walk outside with the kids or doing sit ups and lunges in our Airbnb while we travel. Getting up and DOING something. Drinking more water, getting more sleep and washing my face before bed all will help with my skin and over all body care. When I feel better internally, I will look and feel better externally. Or so I'm hoping at least!

They always say it takes a good 30 days to make something a habit, so I'm giving myself 46 (unlike the 40 day traditional Lent, Sunday's count for me!) to do so.

And in true Chelsea form I'll be video documenting it all with a final video at the end. Hopefully achieving a better version of myself, a 2.0 if you may. 

Are you giving anything up for lent? Better yet, are you doing anything to better yourself?