Like most people, I'm busy. In fact I don't know anyone that will honestly say "I'm not really that busy" If you know someone that would say that, send them way, I'd looove to talk to them and find out why they are so boring.

I'm trying to change that mindset though. I think sometimes we use the excuse that we're too busy to not do things; put them off till we feel ready to handle them. Or sometimes you feel you're stretched so thin you don't want to put an ounce into something unless it makes you happy.

That's where I'm at lately.

It's almost been a month since I opened up a new blog post and started typing. I didn't have much to say and I wasn't going to just type to type. I've opened up enough documents, Excel sheets and emails at my corporate job lately that writing a blog post wasn't even crossing my mind.

Instead I've beem editing travel videos, family vlogs and working on new items for the store. I was slammed in corporate life and working hard to keep a house full of boys alive. We recently got a drone and we've been obsessed with sending it high into the sky any minute that we can.

Ducati turned 10.years.old yesterday. TEN! I got that babe when he was 8 weeks old and I was barely 21. Summer in Michigan has slowly started to show its beautiful self this past weekend and I can't wait to bathe in its glorious beauty all. summer. LONG!

I turn 31 in 37 days yet I still feel like I'm 18 most days. I'm constantly wondering how the hell I'm surviving working an adult job, raising two kids, running a business and eating something other than Sweedish Fish for breakfast (I always dreamed about doing that as a kid)

We've been planning the next upcoming trips we're going on in the next few months, things to work towards and look forward to, pretty exciting! I'm jonesing for a little motorcycle or scooter to bop around town in, something to feed my soul that can never stay complacent. With kids and parenting my desire to not be stationary is hard to keep at bay yet a must as I have to "adult" and I'm no longer a carefree 21 year old. I'm forever dreaming of places to move to, jobs I would rather being doing and places I'd rather be experiencing.

Something has fired back up in me though, maybe the change in weather, that always makes me a happier person. Regardless, I was ready to push that button and start typing again. This has always been the place where I started sharing. It started with updates of the kids and has grown into more than just that. I love sharing new recipes, fashion finds, family travels and so much more.

As I finish off my last month as a 30 year old I'll tell you this, 30 aint so bad!

Cheers- Chel