Whatcha drinkin?

Me, I'm sipping on an iced coffee with soy milk, sugar free vanilla and two shots of espresso.

A mouth full isn't it, but it's sooooo good!

I'm back with kaffeepause; a midweek catch up or brain dump if you will.

This week our aunt that watches the boys is on vacation, so Jer and I each took a day off to be home with them and then added in an extra day of daycare. My day off with them was yesterday so we brought coffee to my girlfriends house and chatted while the boys played harassed her pooch. They didn't break anything while we were there so it was an overall win!

I had a meeting this past Sunday with a bride and groom for a wedding at the end of this month to go over the shoot list. This will be the first wedding we are using the drone in and I'm super stoked about it! Speaking of videos, I uploaded Skylors 4th birthday video from last weekend if you want to watch here.

In shop related news, I've been working on designs for new shirts for the fall launch that is coming in a couple weeks!  It's crazy to think that summer is almost over. Soon it will be all things back to school and fall related, oui!

I've been going through the boys clothes and trying to figure out what fits going into this new school year and basically no pants do. #tallandskinny I snagged the boys matching Adidas Superstar's while I was in Portland a few weeks ago. My company gets 50% off everything in store in Portland so I went a little wild when I was there! The quality of Adidas shoes though, I would have paid full price.

Saturday we're suppose to camp out in my moms back yard if the weather is nice. This is a big step for me guys. #IDONTCAMP I realize its my moms back yard, the toilet will be just steps away inside but it's still a tent and me in it overnight. I'll let you know how that goes, hell I'll probably film it.

We started Kayla Itsines 12 week program again this yesterday. As I mentioned last week, we have about 14 weeks out till our Beach Angel family vacation in November. I'm going to attempt to get smoking hot. I feel good about my body but I want to feel great. Ya know, tone it up so I can eat all the tacos and drink all the icebergs my little heart desires! I also want my butt checks to be perky if we're being honest here. If I can't have perky tits, the next best thing will be my ass.

Yesterday I picked up my new retainers. Yes, I'm neurotic and at 31 I was still wearing my retainers from when I was 15. I'm actually doing a 10 week orthodontic program of a "knock off Invisaline" because my teeth have moved ever so slightly and I want to fix this. I realize I'm full on crazy and nobody will probably notice but me but this is what you get when you had braces for 5 years; your teeth become your biggest insecurity. I might do a post showing the before and after once everything is done since these far less money than Invisaline with similar/identical results I've been told.

Alright, it's time to get back to my coffee and answer these ever pressing emails #corporatelife

Thanks for chatting, I've missed you!