Happy 4th birthday little blog you! I could have chosen a more flattering photo of myself but that wouldn't be fun! I was having issues with my manual focus and shooting by myself if you can't tell #bloggerprobs

This last year has been so so busy that when someone asked recently how long I've been blogging for I honestly couldn't remember. I then jumped on here and remembered, DUH, it was while on my maternity leave with Skylor that I started it. Today marks 4 years since I pushed that publish button and started spewing my life all over the internet. While some years have been better than others, I wouldn't take back any of the posts, videos or photos I've shared.

A special thanks goes out to my main squeeze Jer for putting up with me, straight up, he's a gem. He may moan and groan from time to time when I make him take more than a few photos, stop for an IG pic or have him build fences for me so I can blog about it (KIDDING! that was all his idea to build a new fence. Also, post coming soon on our new fence lolzzz ;) But really, without the support and genuine love he has for me and what makes me happy, East Willow Grove might not be where it is today.

This last year I've been working on many different projects, putting more time and energy into the shop and going hard on editing videos. With all these directions I'm pulled in on top of mom and wife life, something will always be a little lower on the priority list; this year was the blog. I found myself starting SO.MANY.POSTS but then always getting too distracted to finish them. I'm not one to pump out content just to pump it out. I write about things that interest me and don't feel inclined to spam you with 5 million different Nordstrom anniversary sale posts to make a quick buck, that's not what I'm about.

I wanted to share 4 of my favorite or most meaningful posts that I've written over the last 4 years. Maybe you have read them all, or maybe you haven't. These 4 have probably been some of my most read or searched for post, so I'm doing something right, right?

1. What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self-Reminiscing through old photos was mainly why I loved this so much but also it really made me think how I've grown and changed. High school and college can be such a weird and hard time that I wish someone would have told me these things then. But, if they did, I wouldn't be who I am today I guess.

2. Loseing-While this was my toughest one to write it was one that resonated with so many women. I had tons and tons of people reach out that were struggling after a miscarriage.

3. I Married Jerek Years Ago- So many girls think they have to get married because they have kids or because they have been with their partner for X amount of years. I wrote this to share with others that being committed does not have to revolve around a piece of paper. I think people get married for wrong reasons and I wanted to share how we've been "married" for years prior to a piece of paper.

4. How Much Is A Destination Wedding In Mexico- Coming from a nosy Nancy myself I'm always curious as to how much things cost. This was also one question I still get asked about how much we spent, was it worth it, what did you pay for, not pay for, etc.

Thanks for following along in my somewhat organized, messy, boy consumed life here on the interwebs, it's been a fun 4 years! If you want to read past years blogiversary post you can find year 1 here, year 2 here and year 3 here!