Tracen has on every shade of green imaginable but this is the cutest picture right?!

After a long year of the boys at opposite schools last year they are together again and no one loves this more than mom and dad! Two drop offs and pick ups are exhausting, so much in an out of the damn car it's real annoying.

 (Always dabbing, I'll never understand)

Yesterday Tracen had his first day of first grade and today Skylor had his first day of Pre-K and at a new school (Tracen's.) We've been going to our daycare/preschool center since Tracen was 8 months old, I recommend the place to everyone as it's super affordable, the teachers and owners are amazing and food is included, I know right, imagine that! It was a bitter sweet farewell as the ladies that loved our kids and who we trusted our kids to we won't see anymore. Its a very strange feeling as I now have to learn to trust a whole set of new individuals with my boys.

Sorry, lemme just wipe the tears away real quick.

Okay, we're good, we're good.

I wasn't too nervous yesterday for Tracen, he was ready plus he knew some kids from last year and all he talked about was a bunny his new teacher said she had for the room. Kid loves animals. 

I was pretty nervous for Sky though. He's a homebody and we are adding in an extra day this year to get him ready for Kindergarten. I'm pretty sure he's going to hate us next year when he's at school 5 days a week and not able to lounge at home and play with legos all day. Not only is he going 3 days a week, he's at a whole new school and we just got him use to the other one. 

(Tracen took the picture; not too bad! Sky was in a different world!)

He did....okayyyyy...I would say? Not great but he didn't try and run out of the room or ask to go home he just begged us to go back to his old school. Which is funny, because Jerek said all he talked about when they dropped Tracen off last year was how he wanted to go to Tracens school. 

You got what you wanted buddy. 

Any who, it was a horrible clinging-onto-me-crying-me-giving-him-hugs-and-kisses-and-then-asking-his-teacher-if-she-could-take-him-as-I-slipped-out, type of morning. 

UGH. My heart. I really wanted to be like, 

"You know what, I don't want to go to work either!

Lets ditch this joint and get back into our PJ's!"

But I didn't. That wasn't the "adult" thing to do, sigh. Sorry Sky, I really thought about it!

I then sat in traffic for an hour to drive 15 miles. Lord give me all the strength.

Anyway, we're alive and well and I haven't gotten a call saying he's freaking the eff out so I'm taking that as good news. 

Cheers to all the first days, may your coffee and heart strings be strong.